Summer craft challenge 2016 Part 5

Day 29 : Saturday 6th August 

Making circles while sitting outside the Red Lion at South Green in Southwold. We drank Adnams Spindrift out of plastic glasses in the evening sun, the perfect end to a sunny summer day. 

Day 30 : Sunday 7th August

Another Adnam’s beer to accompany my circle making on Sunday evening. I am on holiday and I’m supporting the local brewery so I think it’s a good thing… food miles and all that 😉 Slowly does it with this blanket…

Day 31 : Monday 8th August

Making the most of a few spare moments before heading out for dinner by squaring a few circles.

Day 32 : Tuesday 9th August

Early morning on the beach and we were lucky to have much of it to ourselves. While a major feat of civil engineering was begun (a sand fort with double walls) I set about on my first pink circles for my current blanket project.

Back at home with a cup of tea in the late afternoon, once the cloud rolled in and made the beach a bit too cool the cross stitch beach huts made another appearance. 

Day 33 : Wednesday 10th August

Making a few more Fondant Pink circles while sitting in the driveway of our holiday cottage waiting for Little Postcards to wake from their hire car slumbers… Silence was golden but it didn’t last too long 😉

Day 34 : Thursday 11th August

A spot of evening crochet before heading to bed 🙂

Day 35 : Friday 12th August

Time for a colour change on a picnic in Rendlesham Forest.

And finally…

Do you remember the crochet wreath I was working on last week? Well it’s finished and has arrived at its new home so I can reveal it in all it’s glory now. I think it turned out ok 🙂

10 thoughts on “Summer craft challenge 2016 Part 5

    1. Thank you Sandra, it turned out pretty well and the recipient was pleased with it 🙂 I can recommend YouTube as a great resource for mastering crochet. It helped me a lot when I got started on it again a few years ago.


  1. Where were you to have a beach in the U.K. to yourselves? I can hardly believe it – was it raining? 😉
    The wreath is every bit as gorgeous as I imagined it would be when I saw it ‘naked’ and those little cross stitch beach huts are going to be lovely.

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