School’s out for summer!


My word, it’s been quite a week; 2 birthday celebrations, a graduation and a flight in sole charge of 3 children. There were several other events in between as well. I’m well and truly in need of a holiday!

End of term craziness means end of term gifts for my kids’ teachers and as usual it was a last minute affair. I’m very conscious that after 7 years of buying teachers gifts it’s a tough one to decide what to get. Do you follow the crowd with mugs and pens or take the easy option and buy chocolate? This year, despite just giving myself a day, I chose the homemade option. I settled on personalised book bags – every teacher needs book bags surely?


My first dabble into the world of handicrafts as a child was embroidery, so it was nice to be able to dig out my embroidery cottons and get some chain stitch going!


I used some cotton bags I had in my crafty store cupboard, added a charm square to each one from the ‘Lucy’s Crab Shack’ collection by Moda fabrics and finished by an initial, crocheted using the Moogly Blog Crochet Alphabet.

I’m quite proud I managed to complete 5 on the penultimate day of term! There was some pool-side embroidery undertaken. I just hope the teachers liked them!

That’s all for now, next time I’ll have a postcard from England for you…

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