2017 Weekly photo challenge (week 41) Regal

This is my photo challenge entry for last week’s word prompt (as I got confused and published the wrong one – you will be getting two this week!).

On Sunday, the old style of pound coin (left) went out of legal tender, it’s been replaced by the two tone coin (on the right) which is supposed to be more difficult to forge.

Unfortunately, a shortage of the new-style pound coins in Gibraltar means that we are still using our version of the old coins which were minted for Gibraltar. They will continue to remain in circulation until March next year.

The result has been a fair bit of confusion and the need to double check your change in shops here. So far I have had 3 defunct UK pound coins given to me in change since  Monday…

I’m linking with Nana Cathy & Wild Daffodil for this weekly photo challenge throughout 2017.