2017 Weekly photo challenge (week 8) Traffic

This week’s photo challenge was a bit of a no brainer for me. Living in Gibraltar, a place where the only exit by road involves crossing a working airport runway, means you can get stuck in traffic every now and then. Whether you are heading north to get to Gibraltar’s second supermarket, the airport or across the border into Spain (as above) … or heading south and towards town (see below), as soon as you hear the siren and spot the lights flashing you know you are going to be waiting a little while before you can get to your destination.

You just hope that the red light is only for the FOD Squad (Foreign Object Detection Vehicle) to cross over and check the runway and not an impending landing or take off if you are in a particular rush to get to where you’re going…

Gibraltar is unique in many ways….

I’m joining with Wild Daffodil and Nana Cathy for this photo challenge.