Sunday Sevens #36 19.6.16

Queen’s Birthday bank holiday

We had an extra bank holiday on Monday which you don’t get in the UK. To celebrate the Queen’s official birthday in June, we get a day off. It’s not just because it was a special birthday this year – we always get one. It also marked the beginning of summer hours at school. On Tuesday the little Postcards finished at lunchtime and will continue to do so until term ends in four weeks’ time – that means my crafting time has been severely depleted but the plus side is I don’t need to make any more packed lunches until September! 

Dressmaking class

The invisible zip is IN. I’m really enjoying making this skirt, firstly because it’s to be worn at two family weddings next year (nice occasions which are a long way off – so no pressure) and the fabric’s so easy to sew. It’s crisp and the seams look so neat plus it doesn’t fray. The lining on the other hand…. the less said about that the better!!

#7000 woolly hearts for Yarndale challenge

You may remember a few months back I hooked up some woolly hearts and sent them to a lovely lady known as @bonnies_little_crafts on Instagram. She lives in the town of Skipton which plays host to the Yarndale festival each September. This year she has set herself (and anyone else who wants to get involved) the task of crocheting 7000 little woolly hearts to give away to visitors to her home town when they attend the yarny festival this year. I started my second stash this week while the little Postcards were splashing about in the pool.

A prime ministerial visit

Thursday saw an historic moment in Gibraltar’s history, David Cameron became the first serving Prime Minister to visit since Harold Wilson. Sadly a huge rally which had been planned to raise the issues facing Gibraltar with regards to the EU Referendum had to be cancelled following the horrific events in Leeds which led to the death of mother and MP, Jo Cox. 

Security was extremely tight around town for the few hours he spent on the Rock with police officers stationed on most road junctions. This was the scene outside the Rock Hotel where the PM held talks with the Chief Minister of Gibraltar, Fabian Picardo and other local politicians. I never knew there were so many machine guns in Gibraltar before this!

A bit of painting

It has been ages since I got my paints out and I had a spare few minutes on Friday before picking the boys up from school, so had a go at a few more freesias. This is going on a special birthday card for a very special lady. 

A weekend away

On Friday I did something I’ve been looking forward to for ages, I got on a plane on my own and came to visit my Mum and Dad. I’ve not been back to England since August last year and I’ve really missed seeing my family. The trip had been on the cards since January but kept being put back for various reasons. Finally the day arrived. It was worth the wait! It also coincided with Father’s Day. I am able to spend it with my Dad for the first time in years. 


Nothing says home to me like my Dad’s aquarium. It’s been bubbling away in the my parents’ dining room since before I sat at the dining table studying for my A-Levels. Once home to tropical fish and beautiful blue striped Neon Tetras (my favourites) these lovely goldfish are now in residence. The noise of the pump has been a constant soundtrack to mealtimes back in my childhood home. 

Wherever you are this Father’s Day, I hope it is a happy one for you.

Sunday Sevens is a weekly blog series devised by Natalie at  Threads & Bobbins blog.

Sunday Sevens #23 20.3.16

Sunday Sevens is a weekly blog series created by Natalie at Threads & Bobbins. If you fancy joining in, pop along to her blog to find out more.

This week began in a blaze of spring glory with blue skies and sunshine, we ended it though, with a rather damp and soggy weekend! Welcome to spring in Gibraltar…


First trip to the beach of 2016  

After a glorious weekend with a dolphin boat trip, a trip up the Rock in the cable car and another visit to the beautiful Alameda Gardens, we made the most of the extra time off school afforded us by Commonwealth Day and an in-service day for teachers. We had our first trip to the beach this year, a picnic on a bench nearby, then football, basketball, and a feat of civil engineering in the sand. Apart from one other small group, we had the beach to ourselves. It was great, and a fantastic chance for the little postcards to get some fresh air! I do love the beach out of season. This photo shows Catalan Bay, our base for an afternoon and several hours squabble-free play time. 

Cockerel on the loose  

Now to non Gibraltar residents to sight of a loose cockerel on a wander may not seem out of the ordinary. There aren’t many ‘farm’ animals on the Rock so this majestic bird took us quite by surprise on our walk through the Alameda Botanical Gardens this week! He was a very impressive looking chap, I only managed to grab this photo as he was disappearing off into the bushes. 


There are so many seagulls knocking about in Gibraltar at the moment, I think it may be mating season. These little chaps may look delicate and light on their feet but when they land on our roof they sound like they’re wearing clogs and doing a spot of Morris dancing! They are so noisy, especially in the early hours of the morning.

 Model Soldiers 

We stumbled across a model soldier exhibition in the Gustavo Bacarisas Gallery during a wander in town. I had no idea it was on, and it’s not necessarily something I’d actively seek out but the workmanship which had gone into putting on the various exhibits was very impressive.

Watercolour class 

I’ve missed my watercolour lessons for the last couple of weeks and it was great to get back to it again. This week I spent my lesson doing a study of freesias, they were a beautiful colour and the scent was amazing!

Earth Hour  

We did our bit for the environment last night and celebrated Earth Hour with our lights off. Scrabble (not real Scrabble as you can see – Scrabble Twists & Turns) with 3 children in the dark/candlelight adds a new dimension to proceedings. Tiles were lost off the table and cheating went on undetected. Thank goodness it was just an hour!!

Palm Sunday  

As a child at Sunday School I remember the excitement of being given a palm cross on Palm Sunday. For us children, it meant that Easter was around the corner and it’s guarantee of a school holiday and a few chocolate eggs. 

They had an air of exotic mystery about them though. Where did these palm crosses come from? The ones which arrived at our church were made by a charity in a third world country and always seemed so exotic to me growing up in the north of England. Here in Gibraltar, where palm trees are ten a penny, churches are actually decorated with real palm branches on Palm Sunday, I wonder what my 10 year old self would have made of that?

Whether or not you celebrate Easter, I hope you have a peaceful and happy time with your loved ones. Until next week, bye for now. 

Sunday Sevens #22 13.3.16

Sunday Sevens is a weekly blog series inspired by Natalie at  Threads & Bobbins blog. If you fancy joining in pop over to her blog to find out more. 

This week, we’ve had company…


 Remember that lemon curd I made a couple of weeks ago? Well the last of it was used to fill this sponge to celebrate a visit by my Mum & Dad this week. Mmmm it was yummy and it was so lovely to have a visit from these very special people. The little Postcards do miss out on ‘grandparent time’ by living so far away from them, but we have absolutely made the most of our time together. 

Pattern creation for a new skirt.

There wasn’t any sewing to show for my dressmaking class this week. After last week’s triumph of completing my full circle skirt, it was time to embark on the latest adventure and that is a panelled skirt which will flare out from the hip. I have still got a bit of cutting and sticking to do for my homework adding my seam allowances etc, but I’m looking forward to doing some fabric shopping soon and getting cracking at my next lesson. (My home furnishing class didn’t yield anything exciting either this week but hopefully I’ll be ready to reveal my current curtain soon!)


 One evening this week, I attended a function at the Rock Hotel. When I was walking up the path to the front door I was struck by the strong scent of freesias. I love freesias – both my Mum and myself had them in our wedding bouquets. I couldn’t understand why I was smelling them though as I was walking along outside until I spotted these unassuming white blooms. If only I could convey the gorgeous smell that was in the evening air at that moment – it was so lovely!

A sunset swimming lesson  Normally my mid week early evening routine involves taking children to after school activities. This week however, as my parents were over visiting I didn’t need to drag the non-participating children to their sibling’s activities. This meant that I was able to spend that time appreciating  the surroundings and having a few moments to myself. While watching a little postcard having his swimming lesson, I spotted this fab view and sunset.

The blanket border has begun: After 15 months of making my cosy stripe Attic 24 blanket I’m on the border… The end is nigh…

 Bunny update Bunny was a bit off colour last weekend but he’s back in the pink and eating his way through his fair share of carrots and red peppers! He’s really enjoyed watching a bit of late night TV and having evening cuddles this week.

Boat trip  We had a beautiful day yesterday. It’s a long weekend in Gibraltar this weekend as it’s Commonwealth Day tomorrow. We thought we’d make the most of our time off and decided to hop on a boat and take a trip out into the Bay. It was glorious and I promise I will tell you all about it soon…

Thanks so much for stopping by! Until next time, bye for now.