Sunday Sevens #213 22.12.19

Hello and seasons greetings on this Christmassy Sunday Sevens. I hope you are well, and not too frazzled by the pre Christmas prep.

Sunny Sunday

The weather last Sunday was truly glorious, even the cold blooded ones among us came out of from indoors to enjoy some December rays!

No, it’s not our tree

On Monday, I found myself in a beautiful Colonial building in town for a meeting. I was bowled over with this lovely tree in the entrance hall. It looked very much at home in the grand entrance.

Keep on running…

I’m on week two of my running plan, attempting to get a bit fitter. I only managed one run this week, which I’m annoyed with myself about, I was busy at the start of the week but by the end of the week the weather was pretty grim – think gale force winds and driving rain. This was taken on Wednesday morning on my walk down to the sea shore to begin my run/stumble along!

Sharing on behalf of a friend

A good friend of ours was staying over on the East side of the Rock this week and she sent me this lovely photo of the sun rising up over the horizon. What a spectacular start to the day!

Decorations are up – at last!

After much nagging from the Little Postcards, I finally got round to putting up the Christmas decorations and the tree. I wasn’t really feeling Christmassy at all and I couldn’t bring myself to put the tree up when I hadn’t completed all my pre decoration jobs, like tidying up and washing the windows. On Thursday I made a promise to Littlest that I would get the tree up and ready for him to decorate while he was at school. He was happy with that! I treated myself to some little star lights for the hallway – they are battery operated and I think they look rather nice over the mirror.

Carol singing

Also this week, we had a few of the obligatory carol singing events for school choirs. It was lovely to see Littlest singing with his school at the Artisan Christmas market in town.

Friday morning rain

That bad weather I told you about… it was a bit grim. In a break in the rain on Friday I popped quickly into town to pick up a few Christmas things I needed, before school finished at lunch time – my last proper opportunity. I just took the photo to make those of you reading this up north in the UK who might be experiencing a bit of bad weather too, realise that you are not alone! Also, that while I was feeling smug last Sunday watching the gecko sunbathing over on the East side of the Rock, that gorgeous weather was short lived!

And that, as they say is that. Sunday Sevens done for another week. Not the most inspiring set of photos I’ll grant you, but it’s been a good week for us with some fun times and a few meetings with lovely friends, which I forgot to capture in photos – probably because I was too busy talking!!

If you are celebrating Christmas I hope it is a very happy one for you. I send every good wish from Gibraltar for a lovely time with friends and family, and thank you for stopping by!

Sunday Sevens was first created by Natalie from Threads & Bobbins.

Sunday Sevens #194 30.6.19

Greetings from a rather warm and sunny Gibraltar. All the schoole broke up for the summer break here on Friday, so we’re now officially ‘on holiday’ (well the young people are at least!). Here’s this week’s Sunday Sevens:

San Juan

It was the festival of San Juan along the Spanish coast from Gibraltar on Sunday evening last week. Mr Postcard popped over to have a walk and see some of the traditional fires which are lit on the beach. He took this photo (I was at home with the Little Postcards).

Tranquil evening light

I found myself in town at ‘golden hour’ as the sun was going down on Monday evening, it looked so tranquil looking out at the Upper Town from the multi-storey car park, and at odds with the crazy busy day I had had beforehand.

End of term at Dressmaking class

This week was the end of term for my dressmaking class, and I’m really pleased to say that I finished my top!! It’s been four years now that I’ve been attending Dorcas Hammond’s fashion academy and it’s such a highlight in my week. I shall miss it over the summertime. Here’s the finished article…

I’m watching you!

We have some rather large waspy type creatures in Gib in summertime. The Little Postcards get crazy when they arrive in our home with their long dangly legs. I haven’t been able to catch one in flight yet to take a photo. We did find one of them in their own home this week though.

One was spotted in our back patio and it headed to our bug house which is made of short lengths of bamboo in a box. I caught him watching me!

Beautiful sunny weather

We have enjoyed some beautiful sunny warm weather this week. It’s been a pleasure during calm shady moments, but rather hot and sweaty while trying to get things done. I do appreciate that our highest temperature so far has been around 30 degrees Celsius rather than the mid 40s like some of our European neighbours have experienced – that would be a whole lot hotter!

School’s out for summer!

So, here were are, mojito time – school has finished for another academic year – which is ever so slightly frightening as that means my boys are getting older. As of September I will have no children in first school and two in secondary, which is a bit mind-blowing.

Armed Forces Day

It was Armed Forces Day yesterday and that had significance for me this year as a few weeks back I made a ‘Flag of Thanks’ which will be currently being displayed in a church in Salisbury for Armed Forces Day, and which will eventually be added to other flags to make bedding for homeless veterans. (Look for #flagsofthanks on Instagram)

In Gibraltar, the Royal Gibraltar Regiment had a ceremony yesterday to mark a ceremonial changing of the Governor’s guard. It was quite a spectacle, and something for the unsuspecting tourists to enjoy.

That’s it for another week, I hope it’s a good one for you!

Sunday Sevens was first created by Natalie from Threads and Bobbins.


The Postcard from Gibraltar Podcast Episode 005: Finding community online with Polly Lavarello

In this episode of the Postcard from Gibraltar Podcast I catch up with Gibraltar based blogger and founding editor of parenting e-magazine Mum on the Rock, Polly Lavarello.

After moving to Gibraltar from the UK, Polly set up her blog Polly Mixtures and soon found herself climbing the UK parenting blog charts as she documented her experiences of having her first child. A problematic pregnancy meant Polly had to be hospitalised in Cadiz, miles away from friends and family.

After her blog took off, Polly decided to turn her attention to the wider parenting community in Gibraltar and created Mum on the Rock. Now into it’s second year, the online magazine is a valuable resource for parents in Gibraltar. It offers a ‘What’s On’ diary for family friendly groups and events along with features written by locally based parents and grandparents.

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You can also listen and subscribe to the Postcard from Gibraltar Podcast on iTunes. I would love it if you would also take the time to leave a review as that means more people will be able to find me in future. This Podcast is also available on the PodOmatic App for Android and iOS devices.

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Mum on the Rock

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Theme music is Happy Me by Twisterium

School’s out for summer!


My word, it’s been quite a week; 2 birthday celebrations, a graduation and a flight in sole charge of 3 children. There were several other events in between as well. I’m well and truly in need of a holiday!

End of term craziness means end of term gifts for my kids’ teachers and as usual it was a last minute affair. I’m very conscious that after 7 years of buying teachers gifts it’s a tough one to decide what to get. Do you follow the crowd with mugs and pens or take the easy option and buy chocolate? This year, despite just giving myself a day, I chose the homemade option. I settled on personalised book bags – every teacher needs book bags surely?


My first dabble into the world of handicrafts as a child was embroidery, so it was nice to be able to dig out my embroidery cottons and get some chain stitch going!


I used some cotton bags I had in my crafty store cupboard, added a charm square to each one from the ‘Lucy’s Crab Shack’ collection by Moda fabrics and finished by an initial, crocheted using the Moogly Blog Crochet Alphabet.

I’m quite proud I managed to complete 5 on the penultimate day of term! There was some pool-side embroidery undertaken. I just hope the teachers liked them!

That’s all for now, next time I’ll have a postcard from England for you…

Looking ahead

In just five days time I’m going on holiday. I’m so excited to be heading back to England to see my family and friends back at ‘home’. However, I have such A LOT TO DO before then, and I don’t just mean packing! There’s Mr Postcard’s birthday, an early birthday party for Mini Postcard as his big day’s when we’re in England, a nursery graduation, beach days with school, pyjama day at school, a night out with Mr P and a sad goodbye to a friend, who’s leaving Gibraltar for good. Wow – that’s quite a busy schedule – not sure when I’ll find the time to get packed!!

Fortunately, before our hectic time ahead we’ve had a great few days here. There have been several trips to the community pool to cool down and even a trip to a water park over the border in Algeciras, what a treat that was for the kids. Not sure I’ll be hopping onto an oversized tyre and throwing myself down a curly wurly chute again in a hurry though! I still feel dizzy thinking about it!  

Several weeks ago Mini Postcard came home from his school nursery with a beanstalk in a plastic cup complete with a beautifully coloured giant’s castle. They have spent much of the term studying Nursery Rhymes. 

Over the ensuing weeks, he’s taken great care to keep it watered and it’s repaid his hard work with some flowers!

It’s now Mr Postcard’s job to keep it going while me & the kids are away in Blighty – no pressure then Daddy! Will we get a crop of giant’s beans do you think?

Last night we decided to head out for dinner as a family for a treat, as it’s our last Saturday night together for a few weeks. After our meal we took a scenic walk home through the Alameda Botanical Gardens, and stumbled upon the start of the Miss Gibraltar 2015 beauty pageant. The crowds were gathering in the Open air theatre waiting for the show to start. We tried to sneak a peak but just saw some oversized glitter balls! 

We watched most of the show when we got home on GBC TV, the local TV channel. The glitter balls revolved later on to reveal the contestants! The outgoing Miss Gibraltar 2014 was actually one of my children’s former teachers, so we had an interest in seeing who would replace her and compete for the Miss World title.

I have to say, prior to living here I had a rather low opinion of beauty pageants, but I fear I’ve been caught up in the excitement over the years. After all, shortly after we arrived, Kaiane Aldorino won the Miss World contest for Gibraltar. The excitement and pride in Gibraltar at the time was incredible. As the result was announced, fireworks went off, the nearby City Fire Station let off it’s sirens and car drivers hooted their horns into the small hours of the morning. It was a real coup for Gibraltar on the world stage and Kaiane was a great ambassador. Good luck to Hannah Bado, who won the Miss Gibraltar 2015 title last night.

Our walk home through the Alameda Gardens coincided with a beautiful sunset. 

Well, that’s all from me for now, I hope you’ve had a good weekend. A big thank you to those of you who have liked my posts and are following my blog, it’s lovely to know there’s someone out there actually reading my ramblings! Goodbye for now!