Sunday Sevens #74 12.3.17

Hello there, I’m pressing the publish button on this edition of Sunday Sevens in Spain. It’s a bank holiday weekend in Gibraltar and we have taken the opportunity to get away for a couple of days.

Without further ado, here’s this week’s Sunday Sevens…

A first attempt at corner to corner

YouTube is a wonderful thing… I have used it to learn lots of different crafty things. My latest tutorial to watch was one on corner to corner or ‘C2C’ blankets. It was presented by Bella Coco and I can highly recommend it for clarity and being easy to follow. You can find a link to her channel here.

I decided to have a go at making a baby blanket with this new found skill, and I rather like it. It’s very addictive though – you have been warned!

A new project…

I’m trying my hand at patchwork quilting. I have made a few quite basic ones in the past, and this one will be similarly basic too. I love the look of the really intricate ones but the thought of how to make them makes my head ache. 

I had a few hours spare on Monday so I decided to set about cutting out my fabric pieces and laid out the pattern on the dining room floor. My word, it took such a long time to cut out and figure out the pattern that I only had an hour left before the school pick up. Unfortunately that’s as far as I got with it this week. I hope I can get a bit more done on this soon.

Zip’s in!

I missed my dressmaking class last week because of a poorly Little Postcard. Part way through this week’s class I received a phone call from school to go and collect another Little Postcard as he’d had a mishap. I’m pleased to report that he’s fine and was none the worse for his sporting injury by bedtime. I’m also pleased to say in my brief time at my lesson I managed to insert the invisible zip into my dress. 

A walk in the clouds 

In case you missed my post midweek, here’s another chance to see my view from the top of the Med Steps. We climbed up through the clouds to get to the summit. You can see the post I wrote about it here.

Flower making at football training 

So at football training this week I struck up a conversation with one of the other mums as I sat crocheting in the afternoon sun. She really surprised me by telling me that she had read Postcard from Gibraltar and it was one of the reasons why she’d moved here! Holy moly, I did not expect to hear that!!

It’s the weekend!

It’s a bank holiday weekend in Gibraltar this weekend. Schools are closed on Monday because it’s Commonwealth weekend (a fact I find befuddling given that it’s not celebrated in the British Isles). Anyway, we made most of it and ran away for an impromptu couple of days along the coast. 

The Little Postcards didn’t know we were going, although they did question why we were crossing the frontier into Spain straight from school. It was a gorgeous afternoon and so clear. We could see the Rock getting smaller and smaller as we drove along the coast to Marbella. 

Saturday night rock and roll

Hibiscus and strawberry gin and tonic with a side order of crochet, that’s how I roll on a Saturday night these days! Perhaps it’s my age… Did you spot the fact that I’m on my second C2C blanket already?? I warned you the are addictive!!

Thanks so much for stopping by, whatever you’re up to this weekend I hope you’re having a good one!

Sunday Sevens is a weekly blog series created by Natalie from Threads & Bobbins.

Summer craft challenge 2016 Part 5

Day 29 : Saturday 6th August 

Making circles while sitting outside the Red Lion at South Green in Southwold. We drank Adnams Spindrift out of plastic glasses in the evening sun, the perfect end to a sunny summer day. 

Day 30 : Sunday 7th August

Another Adnam’s beer to accompany my circle making on Sunday evening. I am on holiday and I’m supporting the local brewery so I think it’s a good thing… food miles and all that šŸ˜‰ Slowly does it with this blanket…

Day 31 : Monday 8th August

Making the most of a few spare moments before heading out for dinner by squaring a few circles.

Day 32 : Tuesday 9th August

Early morning on the beach and we were lucky to have much of it to ourselves. While a major feat of civil engineering was begun (a sand fort with double walls) I set about on my first pink circles for my current blanket project.

Back at home with a cup of tea in the late afternoon, once the cloud rolled in and made the beach a bit too cool the cross stitch beach huts made another appearance. 

Day 33 : Wednesday 10th August

Making a few more Fondant Pink circles while sitting in the driveway of our holiday cottage waiting for Little Postcards to wake from their hire car slumbers… Silence was golden but it didn’t last too long šŸ˜‰

Day 34 : Thursday 11th August

A spot of evening crochet before heading to bed šŸ™‚

Day 35 : Friday 12th August

Time for a colour change on a picnic in Rendlesham Forest.

And finally…

Do you remember the crochet wreath I was working on last week? Well it’s finished and has arrived at its new home so I can reveal it in all it’s glory now. I think it turned out ok šŸ™‚

Summer craft challenge 2016 Part 4

Day 22 : Saturday 30th July

A woodland walk and a picnic in the countryside on Saturday meant portable crafting was required. After lunch, while the Little Postcards played football I made some little crochet flowers.

Day 23 : Sunday 31st July

Slowly but surely a little bit of progress is happening on my summer holiday cross stitch picture. A little bit each evening in front of the TV seems to be working so far.

Day 24 : Monday 1st August

Can you see a little green & white stripes beach hut appearing. I’m really enjoying this cross stitch picture so far…

Day 25 : Tuesday 2nd August

I’ve been working on this crochet wreath as a birthday present. I had originally chosen pale pink to go along side the fuschia shade against the pearly cream wreath but it was lacking something. A quick trip to the wool shop in the afternoon solved the problem… a variegated yarn. 

It will live in a pale blue bedroom when it’s completed so I wanted a hint of blue but not too much as I don’t want it to clash with the walls!

Day 26 : Wednesday 3rd August 

Just adding the finishing touches to the crochet wreath. I will reveal all shortly…

Day 27 : Thursday 4th August

My last few woolly hearts for Yarndale were finished off and parceled up ready to be posted to Skipton. If you aren’t aware of the 7000 challenge check out @bonnies_little_crafts on Instagram. This lovely lady’s trying to make and collect 7000 woolly hearts to give to visitors to the Yarndale festival in September this year.

Day 28 : Friday 5th August

Today began a little too early with crochet on the platform of Manchester Oxford Road station just after 8am waiting for the train to take us to the next destination on our holiday. We waved goodbye to the north of England and hello to the East. 

A new destination seemed as good a reason as any to begin a new project. This one’s a blanket using square the circle squares. I used a very clear pattern called Bullseye by Little Tin Bird but instead of changing the colours on each round I kept the square to just two colours.

Sunday sevens #31 15.5.16

Sunday Sevens is a weekly blog series devised by Natalie at Threads & Bobbins blog . It features seven photos from the past seven days.

A damp start to the week

As much of the British Isles were basking in Mediterranean weather at the start of the week, we were donning our  wellies and digging our waterproofs out of the back of the wardrobe! I’m posting this photo to make all you Brits feel better about the weather up North! I don’t grudge you having the sunshine one little bit, you deserve it. We, at least are guaranteed a long, dry, hot summer, thankfully this is just a temporary blip! 

Watercolour class

This week, I tried my hand at orchids as my teacher had a lovely one in her house. As you can see, I had to take the photo while it was still wet, so the colours may have changed slightly by the time I get back to class to finish it off. It was a very calm, therapeutic lesson though. Us students joke that our teacher should charge more as she’s a therapist as well as a teacher! We can go and have a good laugh or a moan about things and we all come out feeling much better at the end and sometimes we even have a nice painting to show for our work too!

Feeling floral

I’ve been working on a floral crochet project of late, I’m hoping to be able to share a bit more of it with you soon – here’s a sneaky peak šŸ˜‰

Here comes the sun!

At long last, after a very wet week, the sun came back to us on Friday. Oh it feels good to be able to hang your washing out outside again!! 

A school trip

We waved our eldest off on a school trip on Friday night. He flew to England for a week long visit to an outdoor adventure centre. I know that he and his friends will be having a whale of a time but it was difficult saying goodbye at the airport. 

Gazing around the parents milling about at the check-in desks I guess it was us grown ups who found the parting hard, the kids much less so. This photo was taken on our walk back across the runway to collect the car. The Rock looked majestic in the evening sun. 

The traffic on Friday night was awful, there were a few planes landing, it was Friday’s rush hour – oh and Gibraltar had just been made the 211th member of FIFA so the the border queue was pretty slow heading into Spain…

Med Steps 5 Challenge

Well, we did it! 5 times round the Med Steps, that’s more than 19km in a time of 4 hours & 38 minutes. It was hot on the Eastern side of the Rock with our newly returned sunshine. When I last checked 140 individuals had registered to take part and 160 in teams of up to 5.

It was an excellent event organized by the Gibraltar Prison Service and to support the wonderful Cancer Relief Centre here in Gibraltar. Everyone was so friendly and encouraging. I’m very proud of what my team mates and I achieved and grateful to have been able to support this event and the charity it’s for. 

Thank you to everyone who has supported us and put up with the incessant ramblings about this event. We have had some lovely good luck messages and your support has been very much appreciated. We have been feeling the love – thank you!

And finally…

A glass of bubbles to toast our five times round. The wrist band was stamped on the completion of each circuit – I promise it has 5 stamps even though you can’t see them all!