2017 Weekly photo challenge (week 21) stationary

However you arrive in Gibraltar, be it by air, sea or road you can’t help but see the huge tankers and container ships moored out in the Mediterranean and in the Bay of Gibraltar. 

On our first ever visit to Gib, when we came to look for somewhere to live, I was struck by these huge ships just sitting there going nowhere. I asked the estate agent (who was showing us around) what they were doing there. She explained that they were parked in a kind of stacking system waiting to be called into port to load or unload their cargo.

Whenever I look out of our front windows I can see several of these large ships moored out in the Bay. The ones closest to Gibraltar are bunkering, in other words being resupplied with food, fuel and other things ready for their onward journeys. The only days when the Bay is quiet are Christmas Day and over Easter.

I’m linking with Wild Daffodil and Nana Cathy for this weekly photo challenge throughout 2017.

2017 Weekly photo challenge (week 20) cycle

The cycle of choice preferred by the masses in Gibraltar has to be the motorcycle. They are everywhere. Parked in every little scrap of space at the side of roads, even on pavements at times. 

As a pram pushing mother of small children they were the bane of my life, finding myself in the middle of a road with a pram and unable to access the pavement because of a row of motorbikes tightly packed together and parked at right angles to the kerb.

I can see the merit of having one though, it takes relatively little space to park, and you can dodge traffic jams pretty effectively. 

For some motorbike riders though, as they don their helmets they lose all common sense. They speed, overtake and undertake with scant regard for their or any other road user’s safety. I have heard them described as “insects” and it’s such an accurate metaphor, from the noise they make to their swarming habit (especially at traffic lights).

I’ve lost count of the number of motorbike accidents I have seen happen here, fortunately they were all minor. Amazingly the riders involved (who are usually young men) appear to walk away from their scrapes relatively unscathed, a few bruises and grazes and perhaps their pride dented. Tragically, though, we are well aware that these accidents can be fatal. 

I have to admit, that I do rather like these bright Vespas, but I dread the day one of my boys comes home with one….

2017 Weekly photo challenge (week 19) bird

Ornithologists actually pay to travel to Gibraltar from the UK in order to volunteer to monitor the birds here, and more specifically to record the birds which stop off in Gibraltar on their migratory path, so there are plenty of birds to be found here. Sadly, the impressive eagles, vultures and other such exciting birds do not feature in this post, as I failed to photograph them!

We do have seagulls (yellow legged gulls to be precise) in abundance though!

One day last spring, I took a walk up the Med Steps and found myself walking through a blanket of cloud and fog and emerging above it. This poor seagull had lost his lovely sea view!

It normally looks like this…

We also have our own native species of bird here in Gibraltar; the Barbary Partridge. Here’s one I spotted a couple of weeks ago.


I’m linking with Nana Cathy and Wild Daffodil for this weekly photo challenge throughout 2017. 

2017 Weekly photo challenge (week 18) Modern

How about this for ‘modern’?

Yacht ‘A’ which is one of the world’s biggest and most expensive yachts was back in Gibraltar last weekend. Costing squillions of pounds to build and designed by Phillipe Starck, it reportedly has 8 floors and a helipad amongst it’s features.

The masts are taller than the tower of the Palace of Westminster which houses Big Ben. To give you an idea of scale, you see that jet of what looks like steam coming from the mast?

It was caused by a man on a harness using a jet washer to clean it! I’m not sure I could do his job, a bit high up for my liking.

Sadly, because of the boat’s position, when I photographed it, I wasn’t able to get it in full view. Here’s slightly grainy image of it when it was moored in Gibraltar earlier this year.

Modern? It certainly is, not sure it’s my cup of tea though… 

I’m linking with Nana Cathy & Wild Daffodil for this weekly photo challenge throughout 2017.

2017 Weekly photo challenge (week 17) Nature

I love the great outdoors. Living in such a tiny, densely populated place as Gibraltar there is a very special place which I love to escape to from time to time; the Upper Rock Nature Reserve.

It’s looking at its best up there at the moment. The bees are buzzing about the wildflowers and the butterflies are fluttering about. 

If I need peace and quiet to think things through (plus excercise – it’s quite a hike up to the top) that’s the first place I head to.

The wildflowers are gorgeous at the moment…

I’m linking with Wild Daffodil and Nana Cathy for this weekly photo challenge throughout 2017.

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On a walk over Christmas, Gibraltar gave to me…

2017 Weekly photo challenge (week 16) Arches

Gibraltar does a good arch, so I’ve had plenty to choose from this week!

These beauties can be found on the front of the former Police Station in Irish Town. The building is currently unused, so hopefully someone will breathe new life into it soon. It’s too nice to lie empty for long.

This unassuming arch is the the entrance to the Tower of Homage, also know as Moorish Castle

Inside the Tower, it’s full of ancient Moorish arches.

Gibraltar’s old city walls have a fair few arches cut into them to allow for traffic.

It’s old buildings also feature many fine examples of arches…

Although some are no longer there… owing to a redevelopment called ‘The Arches’.

Sacred Heart Church boasts elegant arches on its entrance porch.

We even had brightly lit Christmas light arches last year!

I’m linking with Nana Cathy and Wild Daffodil for this weekly photo challenge throughout 2017.

2017 Photo challenge (Week 15) Lunch

It’s a very tasty photo challenge this week…

Fish and chips always tastes better when you are at the seaside doesn’t it? We enjoyed one or two cheeky portions of fish and chips when we had our recent trip to Southwold. They were so nice, we may have  had to have some more again the next day! Shhh, don’t tell anyone!

Here’s a couple of Gibraltar related ‘lunch’ photos from the Postcard from Gibraltar archives…

…a couple of apes enjoying a healthy lunch provided for them in the Upper Rock Nature Reserve.

I’m linking with Nana Cathy and Wild Daffodil for this weekly photo challenge throughout 2017.