Sunday Sevens #204 6.10.19

Hello there! We’re basking in some beautiful autumnal sunshine here at the moment in Gibraltar. If the weather where you are isn’t too great I’ll have a word and see if we can share some of ours with you! Here’s this week’s Sunday Sevens:

A new skill to start the week

On Monday I went to an extra skills workshop with my Dressmaking teacher Dorcas Hammond to learn how to do shirring and make a shirring dress. I saw some of the work produced by my fellow Dressmaking students on the last workshop and it was beautiful. Shirring is such a useful technique, not only can you make pretty dresses, but also tops, waistbands and sleeves.

I can’t wait to find the time in my busy weeks to actually put my new found skills to the test! I have bought fabric and am raring to go! Now this little dress is ready to go to a young lady I know….

The end of an era

There has been much debate and regret on local social media and in the press about the demolition of the Queen’s Cinema. When we first arrived in Gibraltar we lived very close by and I loved the architectural style of it from the outside. On the two occasions I was able to attend events inside, it was so reminiscent of the old cinema in the town where I grew up, it felt so homely straight away.

It had closed as a cinema by the time we arrived here to live, as the new purpose built leisure complex at Kings Bastion had a couple of brand new screens, so I didn’t see it in its heyday. I think it’s such a shame that a developer or the Government didn’t turn it into a facility for the community. Perhaps showing old films or for local productions? Anyway, that won’t happen now, just the bottom of the walls and the skeleton of the balcony remain. So sad…


Whilst visiting the home of a friend this week I spied this mantis on the window of the stair well. It rather took me by surprise! They are fascinating creatures to see up close!

Sewing in the dark…

Whilst at my regular Dressmaking class this week we had a power cut. It was so frustrating as I was on a roll seaming my trial run trousers. I had just one inside leg left to sew, so I had to finish it off cranking the wheel by hand by the light of my phone torch! It didn’t half make my shoulder ache! A handle or even better, a treadle would have been much easier! There’s a lot to be said for manual power, or pedal power – it won’t let you down in a power cut!!

Stunning sunset

We have had some truly beautiful sunsets this week because we’ve had clear skies and whispy clouds. This is the gorgeous one we enjoyed on Wednesday.

Blue skies

Those clear skies I mentioned… just check out these on Friday. It was absolutely glorious. I went for a very boring trip into town on an admin mission and bumped into Mr Postcard. We had an impromptu lunch in Ocean Village with this lovely view (below):

Guess where we went shopping?

Many months ago I promised Eldest that I would take him to Ikea. (He had his eye on a new desk lamp). We have an affection for all things Scandinavian, you may remember we made a special trip to Stockholm earlier this year. Anyway yesterday was the day we went back to Ikea. We were able to stock up on a few sweet Swedish treats!

We’re into October already, which hardly seems possible. Here’s a few of my September highlights:

That’s all from Sunday Sevens for another week. I hope you have a great week ahead…

Sunday Sevens was first created by Natalie from Threads and Bobbins.

4 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens #204 6.10.19

  1. Gorgeous sunsets. And I love the material of the summer 👗. Such a shame about the cinema. I love old fashioned cinemas. There is one in Longridge which isn’t that far from Clitheroe which I’ve gone to a couple of times recently. It’s lovely , they even play the national anthem before every film and serve tea and coffee in mugs. I don’t drive so it’s a pain to get to. Anyway there’s a new posh Everyman Cinema opening right opposite me in Clitheroe this month. I won’t be able to resist going for a nosy! But I will feel guilty as I really want to support Longridge which is a proper old independent cinema…..

    1. Hi Shazza! Lovely to hear from you – sorry for the delay in replying – only just found your comment. It truly is a shame about the cinema, Mr Postcard and I often spoke about how nice it would be if it reopened and showed old films or hosted a film festival, but sadly no one with deep enough pockets came forward to do that. It’s now being prepared as a pay & display car park before another block of flats gets built there… 🙁

      A new cinema for Clitheroe – wow that’s quite a development. I hope it goes well and is sympathetic to the local buildings. I never visited Longridge I don’t think, no doubt if we had stayed in the area a bit longer we would have made it to the cinema there.

      I was speaking to a Gibraltar resident the other day who spends part of the year close to Pendle Hill, and her son’s getting married in Whalley – small world! 😊

      1. It is a small world indeed. Though I don’t know of anyone on Gibraltar, apart from you. 🙂 The cinema is actually really nice, I could not resist visiting, it’s only a few yards from my house. I will still try and get to Longridge when I can. X

      2. I’ve had a look at it online and it looks lovely. Such posh cinema facilities are yet to arrive in Gib! It looks like a fabulous facility for Clitheroe, and Holmes Mill looks fab too. I don’t even remember that building being their 15 years ago… I assume it’s been renovated since we left.

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