Friday photo challenge (week 40) Purple & a super-duper summer round-up!

This week’s photo challenge theme is ‘purple’, I spied this autumn crocus on my Monday morning walk up the Rock. But how about some purple stalactites? You can find them in St Michael’s Cave…

I spotted this purple Bee in Manchester, you can read all about the Bees here.

I just love a hydrangea…

And a little purple plant I painted at watercolour class…

So that’s this week’s photo challenge entry done, now to take a look back at what everyone else has been up to over the summer:

As things got a bit hectic at times during the summer I didn’t manage to do a monthly round-up, so here’s a mega round-up of some of the entries to the weekly Postcard from Gibraltar Friday photo challenge (the photos are from Instagram and were taken by other people taking part in the Postcard from Gibraltar Friday photo challenge), thank you to everyone who’s taken part!

Week 27 : Golden

A golden sunrise (above) and 4th July fireworks (below)

Margaret at The Crafty Creek joined in with this one, she included a golden retriever and some stunning shots of golden roses in her entry.

Week 28 : Favourite

Animals are always popular!

…. but if you fancy an adorable tale about a precious favourite toy, hop on over to Wild Daffodil.

Margaret has a lovely selection of favourites in her entry over on The Crafty Creek.

Week 29 : Button

Aren’t these button pictures cute? Sandra at Wild Daffodil made some beautiful crocheted buttons…

Week 30 : Seaside

Seagulls always bring the seaside to mind…

As does a funfair!

Sandra at Wild Daffodil shared a fabulous pebbly picture and poem for the seaside theme this week!

Week 31 : Garden

Our beautiful Alameda Botanical Gardens featured this week as well as the garden at Kensington Palace.

A lovely walled garden in West Wales features in Sandra’s post on her Wild Daffodil blog.

Week 32 : Steps

From Kuala Lumpur to Upper Town in Gibraltar….

….to paddy fields in Bali with The Crafty Creek!

Week 33 : Reflective

Isn’t this quilt stunning?! And that sky…

Over on her Wild Daffodil blog, Sandra featured the most stunning baptismal font for her entry for ‘reflective’.

Some gorgeous reflections feature in Margaret’s Crafty Creek post.

Week 34 : Stitch

This marvelous cross-stitched wolf has his eye on you…

Margaret’s beautiful silk ribbon embroidery is just breathtaking in her Crafty Creek entry for stitch

Sandra at Wild Daffodil has been creating things since she was a child, and judging by her Instagram account she is a prolific crocheter, here is her ‘stitch’ entry.

Week 35 : Viewpoint

Randall made me giggle with this one…

…read the comment.

And it was a scenic rather than moral viewpoint which Margaret at The Crafty Creek opted for for her entry.

Week 36 : Waterways

The Crafty Creek waterways entry features some beautiful waterways too…

Week 37 : Pride

Different definitions of ‘pride’ featured…

Week 38 : Autumn

Margaret at The Crafty Creek has some stunning autumn colours in her blog post!

Week 39 : Delicate

Sandra at Wild Daffodil featured a beautifully delicate dahlia in her post.

Margaret at Crafty Creek had some incredibly delicate creations…

Thank you all for taking part in the photo challenge this summer!

Next week’s theme is ‘nocturnal’.

13 thoughts on “Friday photo challenge (week 40) Purple & a super-duper summer round-up!

    1. It’s my pleasure Sandra, I’m just sorry it took me so long to get round to the round-up, things as always have been rather busy and I didn’t have the time before now! Got there in the end though! Next week, I hope to have a monthly meet-up for you after a month and a bit missing in action!!! 😉

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