Sunday Sevens #153 9.9.18

Hello and welcome to another Sunday Sevens, this one comes to you on the eve of Gibraltar National Day. The place is looking very festive decked out in red and white bunting…

Cloudy skies

Last Sunday it was really rather humid. We set out for a walk on the last day of the (rather long) School summer holidays. The cloudy Levanter conditions made for a rather sweaty walk.

Blue skies at lunch

On Monday, after the Little Postcards’ finished their first half day at school (in Gibraltar schools operate under ‘summer hours’ until National Day), we all went for lunch in Queensway Quay. It was a lovely afternoon.

A little friend

On Tuesday I got the shock of my life when I was cleaning. I lifted the dustpan to sweep the floor, and this little chap appeared to be hiding underneath. He was dinky, and I think he was in the process of growing a new tail. He was frozen to the spot, poor thing, so I put the coke can next to him to show his size. I left the room and he scarpered!

Butterflies for Yarndale

I finished my Yarndale butterflies (I had to make a red & white one for Gibraltar abc posted them off on their way to Skipton – I hope they arrive in time for Friday’s deadline…. then I went for a walk, to post them and spotted these beauties feeding off a special butterfly table in the Alameda Gardens.

More street art

While our and about this week, I spotted another mural underway. That’s the third I’ve seen so far in Gibraltar – such a treat in a dingy underpass.

Getting ready for National Day

On Friday, the sun came out and the flags are out too all set for National Day tomorrow. Gibraltar really knows how to throw a party!

Here comes the rain….

So, Gibraltar has had a bit of a drought since April. Yesterday, the rain came. We got off rather lightly though, I believe there were floods further along the coast. It has brought with it the most blissful cool temperatures….

That’s this week’s Sunday Sevens done and dusted, I hope you’ve had a good week. As always, I’m linking with Natalie from Threads and Bobbins for this weekly blog series.

2 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens #153 9.9.18

  1. Those butterflies are lovely – both the real and the crochet ones! It is so lovely to hear about a National day – we are so worried about offending everyone that nationalism seems to be a bit of an embarrassing word for us Brits!
    I like the look of the new mural – would be good to see it when it is done – I think it would be lovely to commission more art in the UK.
    The rain must have been a lovely relief – we had a drought this summer and the first day of rain was so welcomed it was a delight! Now our grass is green again thankfully.

    Hope the festival went well.

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    1. Thanks so much, yes I know exactly what you mean about nationalism, the only time it’s acceptable to flaunt your Englishness is when the football team’s doing well, otherwise I feel it can be misconstrued. Here, there is true pride in the national identity, how far it has come and the difficulties the people have overcome in the past 75 years or so.
      I will definitely follow up with a photo of the new mural as it progresses, there are three new public murals either underway or completed at the minute, it’s lovely to see.
      The rain was a great relief thank you, so nice not to be hot and bothered for a change 😊

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