Friday photo challenge (week 34) Stitch

Only 24 hours late for my Friday (ahem Saturday) photo challenge for this week. Stitch is the theme. Stitches have been with me ever since I was a child. I first learned to sew, knit and crochet when I was probably younger than 10. Taught by my Mum and Grandma.

It brings me lots of pleasure and I always have several projects on the go at any one time. The first photo of crewel wool honeysuckle has been a work-in-progress for at least 8 years (whoops – I really should get it finished).

Then there’s a pile of some of my crochet blanket creations (the bottom two using lots & patterns from Attic 24).

And as I am currently at my parents’ house on holiday, here’s a couple of my previous projects from years gone by which hang on their walls….

6 thoughts on “Friday photo challenge (week 34) Stitch

      1. Thank you for your good wishes. My granddaughter was Homeschooled for 2 years (from 7 and a half to 9 and a half) and now she is at a school which is able to give her every oportunity to shine, thank goodness! It was an absolute joy for me to be part of that homeschooling team for two years and it is wonderful to see her loving her new school.

      2. What a marvelous opportunity you were able to give her, it was something I thought about before actually having children, but once they were here, I knew it wasn’t an option – my patience, for one wasn’t up to it!

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