Summer Craft Challenge 2018 (week 3)

This week has been a rather crochet filled one, against some lovely backdrops of seaside and fun filled holiday times…

Day 15 (Saturday 21st July)

Sloe gin and slow crochet was the order of the day on Saturday. We stopped off on the way back from visiting family at a lovely country pub with a beer garden – one of the joys of being in holiday!

Day 16 (Sunday 22nd July)

For weeks before we came to Southwold, Mr Postcard and I were dreaming of visiting the Red Lion Pub on South Green for an early evening drink and sitting out on the green as the sun went down. We managed that on Sunday.

Day 17 (Monday 23rd July)

I’m loving the colour changes on this Scheepjes Whirl yarn. I’m having to frog quite a bit of this pattern, I need to pay attention and at times my mind can wander and before I know it I’ve got a couple of rows wrong… whoops!

Day 18 (Tuesday 24th July)

So on Tuesday, I fancied starting something different, so over breakfast, I cracked open my latest Little Box of Crochet, which I’d been saving for my holiday. It came out with us for the day to Orford…

And then to the pebble beach at Aldeburgh…

… it’s one of those projects that once you start it’s hard to stop… just one more row…

Day 19 (Wednesday 25th July)

A spot of sunset crochet was in order on Wednesday. It was only the second day of this project but it was working up quickly.

Day 20 (Thursday 26th July)

My crochet took a trip to the seaside at Sheringham on the north Norfolk Coast.

Day 21 (Friday 27th July)

Where better to work on a seaside themed crochet project than on the pier at Southwold?

And guess what? It’s finished!

The perfect backdrop for my Coastal Crochet designed Little Box of Crochet project, Southwold beach… where will my Summer Craft Challenge take me next week?

2 thoughts on “Summer Craft Challenge 2018 (week 3)

  1. Oh wow, what a beautiful anchor! is it a shawl? It looks delightful and well done you for finishing it so quickly. Thank you for introducing me to the box of crochet it is on my wish list of gifts I will give myself when I have reduced my stash.

    Summer holidays are bliss when you can spend time together aren’t they, it looks like you are enjoying yours to the full.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh my pleasure, I’m so glad I’ve brought it to new people – it’s a real treat to receive it each month! I love my anchor, and yes, it is a shawl. It was designed by Eleonora at Coastal Crochet, who also is running the Seaside Stash Busting Blanket CAL which I’m doing at the moment too. She’s a very clever lady 😊.

      And yes, they truly are bliss, I’ve missed having all that spare time this last couple of days since we returned from our trip. It’s been a struggle but I’ve shoe-horned a little bit in at the end of each day.

      Liked by 1 person

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