Friday photo challenge (week 20) Challenge

This, my friends is the Med Steps. Tomorrow it’s the Med Steps 5 Challenge, when around 200 brave/crazy people will attempt to walk it 5 times all in the name of charity.

The walk/climb takes you from the south west side of the Rock of Gibraltar, along paths, through a tunnel and up many, many steps round the south edge and up the west side to the summit of the Rock. It’s quite a climb.

I will be one of those walkers tomorrow morning, all of us raising much needed funds for the wonderful Cancer Relief Centre here in Gibraltar. Wish us luck!

(For more info on the Med Steps, this post may help you, and my experience of last year’s Med Steps 5 Challenge can be found here).

Challenge is the theme for this week’s Friday photo challenge, next week, it’s floral.

7 thoughts on “Friday photo challenge (week 20) Challenge

    1. There’s an amazing sense of achievement when you finish. One time up the Med Steps is pretty hard work, so to be able to manage 5 times round is pretty immense. It’s a beautiful walk full of gorgeous views, wildlife and other lovely people encouraging you along the way. Plus we all raise money for Cancer Relief Gibraltar at the same time. We pay to enter and some people get sponsorship for doing it. Last year it raised over £10,000 for this fabulous place which helps people being treated for cancer and their families when they most need help, assistance and a listening ear. It’s an amazing place and much needed in our community. I can’t choose one favourite part, it’s all fabulous!


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