Friday photo challenge (week 16) Transport

There should’ve been a midweek post this week or even last week all about our trip to London at Easter. Life has been a bit busy though, and it sits, half written in my drafts list. Maybe next week?

In the meantime, here are a few photos of some the transport related parts of our trip; overground train lines, the Tube and the Docklands Light Railway. Oh, and I love some of the Tube stations with their original Art Deco tiling.

Don’t know why, but this sign always made me smile as I walked past!

Maybe it’s just me being childish, apologies šŸ™ˆ.

Next week’s challenge is ‘blue’ if you fancy joining in!

7 thoughts on “Friday photo challenge (week 16) Transport

  1. I love some of the tube stations too – usually the oldest are the best – the lettering and the tiles.
    And nothing wrong with being childish sometimes. I went through Mudshute a while ago. No mud shooting at me in Mudshute and it’s on the Isle of Dogs and there were no Dogs to see either.

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  2. Well I’m with you in the childish stakes as Piccadilly rhymes with willy and as it seems to be making the King cross – and then the last one of course, which sets the tone! that sign is calling out for a limerick to be made out of it, but my brain won’t play ball today as the sun is shining and I have to get out into the garden!

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