Friday photo challenge (week 10) Best friend

These two are best friends one minute and fighting the next but then that’s the same in most families isn’t it? This is my entry for the Friday Photo Challenge this week.

Next week’s prompt is COMMUNICATION if you fancy joining in. Just leave a link to your blog post in my comments below or tag an Instagram post #postcardfromgibfridayphoto so we can all see your take on the challenge.

7 thoughts on “Friday photo challenge (week 10) Best friend

  1. What a gorgeous photo! I have two boys, two and a half years apart in age, they were the same – they used to have the most horrendous physical fights and then an hour later were best of buddies again. I learnt to let them fight or it could go on for days. They are 39 and 42 now and still good friends.
    Here’s the only archive photo I could find on my blog that might fit the theme:

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    1. Thank you Sandra, yes your tale of life with boys sounds very familiar. I hope that they are good friends into adulthood, life is so much better if you have someone to share it with later on. I love Shelma and Maggie’s shopping trip! You have such a creative mind to come up with the verses and pictures. Thank you for joining in again 😊

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