2018 Friday Photo Challenge (Week 8) Movement

Movement is today’s prompt for the Postcard from Gibraltar Friday photo challenge. Here are a few suggestions from me: the one above was taken while out on a dolphin boat in the Bay of Gibraltar. We were lucky enough to see lots of dolphins that day.

This following picture was taken en route to see the dolphins with the Rock in the distance.

And this final photo is a bit off piste – I loved the movement of the fabric in this outfit at the Rock Fashion Rocks! exhibition I went to last week.

Fancy joining in? Here are the prompts for the challenge:

7 thoughts on “2018 Friday Photo Challenge (Week 8) Movement

    1. Thanks! Yes we have been out a few times to see them and been very fortunate to see them up close, they come right up the boat and swim along side. The dress is quite something. You can see a photo of it in my previous post about the exhibition. The work which has gone into it is amazing.

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