2017 Weekly photo challenge (Week 52) Pop

How do you was capture the word ‘pop’ in a photo? My take on this is bubbles…

From summertime fun in Grandma & Grandad’s garden to the festive grown-up variety…

Thanks so much for taking time to look at my photo challenge posts this year. This was my first year of doing them and as I started back in January I did wonder whether I’d be able to achieve all 52, amazingly I did. That may have something to do with the fact my poor phone grinds away slowly under the weight of 23,000+ photos – sorry phone! I really need to sort that out but don’t know where to start…

This 2017 photo challenge was set and run by Nana Cathy and Wild Daffodil – thank you ladies for the support, encouragement and lovely comments this year. If you would like to see other entries to this photo challenge, check out Wild Daffodil’s blog page where she gives a monthly round up of all the entries.

If you fancy joining in next year, check out Wild Daffodil’s blog for more information…

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