Sunday Sevens #111 26.11.17

Hello there, I hope you have had a good week. It’s been as busy as always Chez Postcard and I’m staring down the barrel of a frantic few weeks with all the pre-Christmas antics there are are for the Little Postcards. There’s actually one day next week where I need to be in 4 different places at the same time…. I may be calling on the services of Dr Who and his Tardis to get everything done!

Here’s this week’s Sunday Sevens…

A sunny start to the week

There was an in-service day for some of the Little Postcards on Monday. I haven’t been feeling too great for the last couple of weeks and they behaved so well for me letting me have an easy day, that we did a late afternoon trip to the park at Europa Point for ice cream as a reward. (My fluey cold from the other week turned into bronchitis 😕). The weather was glorious, as you can see, with just the hint of a Levanter cloud forming on the top of the Rock.

It’s finished #1><

Ta-dah! It’s finished at last! I have actually completed a blouse in my Dressmaking class, with a collar, cuffs and buttons (although I was tempted with velcro when the button holes weren’t behaving as I wanted them to). It’s a bit ‘loud’ colourwise so I’m not sure when I’ll wear it… perhaps under a cardigan!

Cloud free skies!><

We had more beautiful cloud-free skies mid-week. We have been so lucky to have a warm, dry autumn here in Gibraltar so far. I’m dreading having to dig the waterproofs out when the rains come….

It’s finished #2><

It’s been quite the week for finishing things, I managed to finish my autumn crochet wreath – before the end of autumn (a miracle!). I’m thrilled with how it turned out, it looked great in the autumnal sunshine on our front door. The kit came in a Little Box of Crochet and the designer was Kate Eastwood of Just Pootling.

Not much watercolour progress…><

I guess I can’t finish everything at once, so I’m still working on my watercolour painting of town. I’m getting there slowly but surely.

A new project><<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Yesterday I treated myself to starting a new crochet project. I was very disciplined and waited until I’d finished my wreath before cracking open another little box of crochet…

Christmas is coming>


The Gibraltar Christmas lights were turned on on Friday night and yesterday we took a trip into town to visit Gibraltar’s first ever Christmas market. There are artisan stalls set up in little wooden huts, you can even get mulled wine – it smelled lovely (I shall have to go back once I finish my antibiotics!).

I’m linking with Natalie (the proud Mummy of a beautiful new baby girl) from Threads & Bobbins for this weekly Sunday Sevens blog series.

13 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens #111 26.11.17

    1. Oh dear, damp cold sleet isn’t too nice at all. We have had a distinct drop in temperatures here since the start of December- down to 8.5 degrees Celsius the other morning, with a cold wind off the Atlantic it’s chapped lips weather – although, no doubt that would feel tropical for you. When I phoned home and told my parents, my Dad thought I’d gone soft!!


  1. The blouse has turned out beautifully – don’t you dare hide it under a cardigan! Love the wreath, too, I recognise it as one of Kate’s as I’ve made one of hers before. Such a distinctive style. We’ve had blue skies this week, too – doesn’t it lift the spirits?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Sheila, that’s a true compliment coming from such an accomplished seamstress as you. I will do as I’m told and not hide it then! Yes Kate designs such lovely things, so clean and neat. I have made a few of her hearts before now. Blue skies do indeed lift the spirits, I think that’s why I didn’t struggle too much with homesickness in my early days in Gibraltar as I could look out of the window at a bright blue sky and it made me feel so much better. 😊

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Wonderful blue skies this week then! Nice to see completed projects – esp like the toadstools on that wreath. Good luck finding that tardis – something we could all do with occasionally eh?!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Definitely- not found it yet sadly, but am taking it all a day at a time and have somehow navigated the crazy week. If I find one, though, I’ll let you know! 🍄 I love the toadstools too – they were very quick to make. 🍄


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