Sunday Sevens #108 5.11.17

Good morning and hello from a very sunny Gibraltar! You join me as we calm down after a very pleasant mid term break in Spain and and prepare for a return to the usual routine. Here goes with this week’s Sunday Sevens…

And relax…..

We were so lucky last weekend to be able to return to our favourite nearby holiday destination. This resort is on the Costa del Sol, very close to Marbella. We often debate about trying somewhere else, but are drawn back to familiarity and love the fact that as soon as we arrive it feels like coming home and we totally relax. Ahhh, bliss 😊

Spooky shenanigans 

Tuesday of course was Halloween and we took a trip to Puerto Banus and had lunch in the very  spooky Hard Rock Cafe. We were served (or should that be severed) by a zombie. Not sure about the waiting staff recruitment but the food was good, even if it was devilishly loaded with calories….


I finished Gloria the ghost, who came free with the Halloween edition of Simply Crochet Magazine from last year. As my copy always arrives too late to be totally relevant for the season, I was astonished that I managed to unearth the kit and correct magazine for instructions in time!

Midterm break sunshine

A new month, meant a new project using a new stitch. I can’t say any more about this as it’s a secret.

Nooo! Too soon!!

I don’t know about you but I’m not ready to be faced with Christmas merchandise in the shops yet!! This was one small section of a large Christmas shelf in a Spanish supermarket…

Thunderbolts & Lightning 

On Friday night we experienced a very long and dramatic thunderstorm. I didn’t manage to catch a photo of fork lightning this time but these two photos were taken about a second apart. An amazing amount of rain fell, just in time to remind us to dig out the waterproofs in time for this winter’s rain.

Homeward bound

The rains continued into yesterday morning but less heavy and there were glimpses of sunshine too, so we saw a couple of rainbows 🌈. Can you spot the faint one over the hill?

October mosaic

Here’s a few of my October highlights….

I’m linking with Natalie from Threads & Bobbins for the Sunday Sevens weekly blog series.

14 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens #108 5.11.17

  1. It looks like you had a lovely relaxing time.
    I have started thinking about Christmas as I’m sure most people who create the majority of their gifts have so am not too put off by it being in the shops but I do def think there is too much about.
    As long as they don’t start playing Christmas music too early then I’m OK with it… :-p

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I‘m completely with you on the Christmas tunes!! You have to feel for the poor shop staff who have to listen to it for weeks without losing their sanity!!
      I have started thinking about Christmas makes (did in September actually) but that doesn’t count… 😉


      1. So we walked past one of the perfume shops on Sunday and they were playing Christmas tunes! It has started.
        Talking of listening to things over and over we used to have a video for the Tall Ships Youth Trust which was set to Queens, Don’t Stop Me Now. Having that playing on repeat all day for 10 days of the boat show drove us (and all the neighbouring stands) crazy.
        it was an amusing video the first 100 times!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. yeah It is great which is why we managed to put up with it for so long but it ended up muted by the end of the time 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Hallowe’en, hmm. I see so many things I’d like to make, then remind myself that we don’t really ‘do’ Hallowe’en in a big way, so it really isn’t worth the effort. Love your little Caspar though. You’ve certainly had some spectacular storms recently, mixed in with some stunning sunshine. I know you don’t need reminding how lucky you are to be spending extended time in that part of the world, but I’m saying it anyway!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, you are dead right Sheila, I do feel incredibly lucky to live where I do. I’m with you on the Hallowe’en thing too, even if we made more of a fuss than we do (which is currently practically nothing) it’s just for one night! I’m saving my crafty energy and time for more worthy seasons, like autumn and Christmas 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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