2017 Weekly photo challenge (week 19) bird

Ornithologists actually pay to travel to Gibraltar from the UK in order to volunteer to monitor the birds here, and more specifically to record the birds which stop off in Gibraltar on their migratory path, so there are plenty of birds to be found here. Sadly, the impressive eagles, vultures and other such exciting birds do not feature in this post, as I failed to photograph them!

We do have seagulls (yellow legged gulls to be precise) in abundance though!

One day last spring, I took a walk up the Med Steps and found myself walking through a blanket of cloud and fog and emerging above it. This poor seagull had lost his lovely sea view!

It normally looks like this…

We also have our own native species of bird here in Gibraltar; the Barbary Partridge. Here’s one I spotted a couple of weeks ago.


I’m linking with Nana Cathy and Wild Daffodil for this weekly photo challenge throughout 2017. 

2 thoughts on “2017 Weekly photo challenge (week 19) bird

    1. Thank you Denis! Thankfully we have plenty around here and the seagulls are overly confident around humans so I could get close to snap them. The Partridges on the other hand are very timid and rather elusive. I have only seen a handful since they were reintroduced here a few years ago. They have great camouflage too!

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