2017 Weekly photo challenge (week 3) Awkward

I say this with deep affection, but there are a few things about Gibraltar which are ‘awkward’:

Narrow steep roads with suspect parking to negotiate…

Just imagine that dreaded moment you have been trying to avoid when you realise there is no alternative but to drive your new (to you) car around Upper Town  – eek. Will you survive the experience intact or will you get home with new scratches and perhaps one less wing mirror.

How do you furnish such an ‘awkward’ shaped house? (See above)

Did I mention that we live on a great big Rock?? 

Awkward is carrying heavy bags up copious steps… for many residents there is no vehicular access to their homes. Imagine lugging the weekly shop up all these in the baking summer sun.

It may be awkward at times but I think that adds to the charm of the place. There are no call centres or online price comparison websites here so when you need to renew your insurance you actually have to visit the individual insurance companies or go to a broker in order to get quotes. Awkward and annoying.

However, the silver lining to this cloud is that you get no junk mail or annoying phone calls at dinner time trying to sell you mis-sold PPI compensation, double glazing, new roofing etc etc. So yes, for all it’s awkwardness Gibraltar really is a special place.

Remember that suspect parking I mentioned? I reckon it’ll be a bit ‘awkward’ getting out of these parking spaces don’t you? 

Driving in Gibraltar means you need to be good at hill starts, parallel parking and know how to move any motorbikes which have been deposited in your maneuvering space (a skill I’m yet to acquire).

I’m linking with Nana Cathy for this photo challenge. If you would like to join in, pop over to her blog for more information.

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