Nice weather for ducks…

Wow-wee, it’s been rather wet in these parts lately. We’ve had heavy rain storms for about two weeks but last weekend was something else. Thunder, lightning, hailstones and torrential downpours have all featured in recent days.

This satellite photo from our local weather forecasters MeteoGib shows the storm clouds covering much of the Iberian peninsula, we are under there somewhere.

The statistics show that over the weekend more than the average monthly rainfall for December fell on the Rock.

I have to admit to hunkering down for most of the weekend and didn’t set foot outside. Advice from the emergency services was to stay indoors unless absolutely necessary, so for that reason I don’t have any dramatic weather photos of my own to show you. Over the weekend, there was a lot of shocking footage on social media showing dramatic flood waters gushing down the narrow streets and steps in the old town centre of Gibraltar.

Across the border in Spain, tragically several lives were lost in the flood waters and many properties were inundated with water. On Monday morning a lot of cross-border workers were unable to come into Gibraltar because of flood damaged roads being closed.

The Monday morning rush hour was remarkably good natured considering how slow the traffic was moving. We’re normally a family of walking commuters, but the volume of the rain meant we opted to take the car on the school run and I ran Mr Postcard into work. On a clear day, you can normally see the Rock from this vantage point between the buildings – it was shrouded in misty rain.

A little detour on the way home took me down by the side of the sea at Camp Bay. Although the weather was a lot quieter by the time I arrived, the evidence of the storms was clear with all the rocks washed up from the beach.

There was also a bit of debris down at Europa Point. Rock falls were reported further north from this point on the East-side close to Eastern Beach. I gave that area a wide berth for obvious reasons.

There weren’t any tourists trying to take photos across the Strait of Gibraltar towards Morocco!

In town, some businesses face a fare bit of clearing up after the rain water encroached on their properties.

I’m pleased to say that yesterday the sun shone and it looks like we’ll be able to enjoy a few days of dry weather for a bit. Thank goodness for that! 

Many thanks to MeteoGib for their kind permission to use the tweets and satellite photograph.

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