A mini stroll in the mist

I don’t usually post on a Thursday but I’ve just had a lovely (if hot) walk and I wanted to share it with you.

This morning we awoke to hear the fog horns singing to each other across the bay – we are in the sea mist season now. The mornings begin grey and misty but as the day progresses the clouds and fog burn off to leave blue skies and hot sunshine.

‘Perfect opportunity to climb the Med Steps again’ I thought – it would be nice and cool. It’s been rather warm the past couple of weeks so I’ve wimped out on going up for about 3 weeks.

Off I went enjoying the cool most blowing in my face and the wet plants whacking my legs as I walked along. I really thought I’d struck lucky!

But then just as I reached the bottom of the first climb things started to brighten up – I looked up…

Oh dear, it got hot all of a sudden – I’d climbed up through the mist and it was gloriously sunny above it all!

The Mediterranean Sea’s under all that blanket of foggyness!

And here’s Gibraltar poking her head up through it all. It looks like a foamy sea has hit high tide!

This gull didn’t look impressed that the fog had stolen his usual view!

So much for a cool climb up! Never mind, at least the wild flowers looked good.

I spotted one I’d never seen before:

Do you know what it is? It reminds me of an acquilegia but also has a hint of orchid about it I think. It has little spiky seed pods further down it’s stems.

What ever it is I think it’s gorgeous, like little purple pixie hats!

It took my mind off the climb for a bit at least.

Blimey, it was hot!

I won’t be fooled by the fog again so easily, that’s for sure!

At the top you could see the fog stretched all the way across to Morocco:

It also consumed the Bay of Gibraltar:

Still I guess if it hadn’t have arrived overnight I would never have contemplated going up the steps and seen those lovely purple flowers! 

I’m off for a lie down now I think ;-).


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