Sunday sevens #32 22.5.16

Hello there, I do hope you’re having a good weekend. Well summer seems to have arrived here in Gibraltar this week, Thursday saw the hottest day of the year so far, with highs of 26 degrees. The flip flops are out, the toenails are painted and we’ve had our first barbecue of the year!

Sunday Sevens is a weekly blog series which features seven photos from the last seven days. It was devised by Natalie at Threads & Bobbins blog. Pop over to her blog to find out how you can join in.

Sunday = rest day!

After the exertions of the Med Steps 5 Challenge last Saturday, Sunday was a rather quiet and stationary affair. We did manage a walk to the botanical gardens and a trip to the supermarket but mainly it was spent at home. We made a pleasant discovery on our balcony when we found that this flower had opened without us even noticing the bud had formed. I do love my hibiscus.

Watercolour class

This week we continued our study of orchids. I finished off last week’s attempt and worked on a couple of other styles too. Still more work to do on these though…

Dressmaking class

I have done absolutely no sewing at all in my dressmaking class for the last two weeks – it’s been exam time (well sort of). In order to test the knowledge we have gleaned so far, we were given a series of skirts to make mini paper patterns for. It was just to reinforce what we already know and to push us a little to experiment and consider how other styles we haven’t yet tried are put together. 

The first few were relatively easy. The last two though, my word – my brain hurt! (The one above was one of the tricky ones). I had to go outside and have a walk to try and process what I was trying to achieve. I’m pleased to say that with a little gentle pushing in the right direction by our lovely teacher, I got there in the end. I was a bit of a zombie for the rest of the day though – I only seem to have limited brain cells available these days!!

Town scenter florals

Town scenter… do you like what I did there? No? Sorry, I won’t do it again! Walking through the new park in the centre of town this week I was overwhelmed by the beautiful scent of Jasmine. The old wall, the entire length of the park, has been planted up with Jasmine and they are in bloom right now. They look beautiful against the old brickwork and the smell is amazing. 

Crochet crazy

Wednesday was rather pleasingly filled with crochet loveliness. First, I had a lovely response to my Med Steps Crochet wreath post. The highlight being that Lucy from Attic24 who had inspired me to have a go in the first place said on Instagram that she thought it was lovely! Hurrah for that – it made my day 🙂

Secondly, I went to the post office to collect my latest edition of Simply  Crochet magazine which contained a kit to make a bright flower brooch. I had intended to crack on with my spring cleaning, but got ever so slightly distracted 😉

Med Steps… a return trip.

I did say in my last post that I would stop going on about the Med Steps but it would appear from many of your lovely comments that you’ve become rather attached to them. Well I guess I have too, as on Thursday morning I took a walk up there again. It was a lot quieter than last Saturday and it was a lot hotter too. I think I may have to stop the morning walks there as the sun’s beating down on you at that time. An alternative route will be found and Med Steps will soon have to become an afternoon or evening destination.

I was thrilled to find out this week that the Med Steps 5 Challenge raised over £7,000 for the Gibraltar Cancer Relief Centre. Our little gang of girls who walked up the Rock together managed to raise a fair chunk of that, over £1,700, which is utterly amazing to me. Our lovely friends and families have been so generous as well as a few lovely ‘blogland’ friends too. (I didn’t ask for sponsorship through the blog as I don’t like to, but a handful of lovely people actually contacted me and asked if they could support our efforts). Thank you all for helping us to help this wonderful cause. Xxx

He’s back!

Our eldest arrived back safe and sound from his week away in England with school. He had an amazing time rafting, canoeing, quad biking and learning archery among many other exciting things. I know he and his friends have made precious memories which they will cherish well into adulthood. Thank you to the teachers for looking after their precious cargo so well and bringing them safely back home to our families.

It’s been a busy week here chez Postcard, I wonder what the next seven days hold in store? Until next time, thanks for stopping by…

16 thoughts on “Sunday sevens #32 22.5.16

  1. I was only thinking, oh, it’s Sunday, and Postcard will be posting later this morning, and shazzam, there you were 🙂

    Is that in the park next to the Elliot? Not noticed the jasmine. Might wander up this morning.

    When I was thinking about a post from you, I was thinking about the Med Steps too and that I couldn’t even get up there once 😦 And this from a woman who used to backpack long distance walks. Age. I tell you. Feeble excuse as my neighbour in his sixties did the steps though. Mind you, his flat is full of running trophies.

    I think the theory of making your own patterns is fascinating. Me, I just bought Vogue Designer ones. I worked on the principle Donna Karan/Claud Montana/Oscar de la Renta etc knew what they were doing. Yes, I know, I still haven’t taken photos! Maybe I should make a Sunday Sevens out of it 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, here I am!
      You definitely should do a Sunday Sevens!!
      A friend of mine is one of the med steps challenge organisers and she told me the oldest person to complete 5 times round was in his 70s!! I certainly felt like I was in my seventies when I’d finished ;-).

      My walk this week should be up Devil’s Gap. I don’t know if I’ll have time to post on it immediately but I’m looking forward to exploring that part of the Rock, thanks to your tip 🙂

      Yes the park is next to the Elliot – do go along and have a sniff it’s glorious.


      1. Don’t forget to look for the geocache 🙂
        If I go sniffing around there people will think I’m on coke! I like the park, although I didn’t agree with them demolishing the theatre royal, but that’s Gib for you. We’ve got jasmine year round at the finca, but our types look different, so I’ll be interested to take a look. Will take camera too. I took some night time shots up there, can’t remember if I posted them or not. Must check.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I tried to find it for ages without a gps. Bought one, and actually it wasn’t necessary. I was just looking in the wrong place. The cleverest one is down Rosia. Gps is totally irrelevant for it, lateral thinking/looking is needed. Took us three goes before I found it.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Glad it’s been a fine week. Yorkshire is going backwards with temps at night back to single figures. Your crochet is a fabby way to remember the fauna and flora and so great when designers comment in such a positive way. Well done everyone on the fundraising for such a good cause. Glad your boy is home safe and had a good time. You are right he will remember this forever K xXx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you – I feel like I’m mining my creative streak at the moment. After years of being frustrated by work and childcare taking all my energies I have finally got this wonderful window of opportunity and I’m trying to make the most of it!! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I’m not surprised you couldn’t resist doing The Steps again and am more than happy to keep on enjoying the photos. It’s great that you raised such a whopping amount through your efforts. Being tested like that at pattern making really makes sure it sinks in though. Loving the watercolours as usual:)

    Liked by 1 person

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