A day trip to Ronda, Andalusia 

Ronda is a small city in the mountains just an hour or so inland from the Costa del Sol. On our trip along the coast last week, we decided to take a drive inland and up the steep winding mountain roads to explore this fascinating place. I have visited several times before but it was a first experience for the rest of the Postcard family. We were blessed with clear blue skies and warm sun, and the old town centre was looking it’s best for us.

As you can see, the town centre sits astride a deep river gorge which drops 100 metres below (not a great place for vertigo sufferers) and is dominated by the rather misleadingly named Puente Nuevo (or new  bridge) which was completed in the 1790s.

On each side of the bridge, the buildings line the gorge, holding tightly to the edge. Imagine washing the windows of those! Not for me thank you!

Aside from the beautiful old New Bridge, the main tourist attraction, as in many Spanish towns is the bullring. This one is thought to be one of the oldest in Spain and holds a museum dedicated to the ‘sport’ and its history as well as to the Matadors as well.

Not being fans of bull-fighting we chose to sidestep what was on offer here and walked past it onto the gardens beyond and the most impressive view.

A hop, skip and a jump through the small gardens and you open out onto a viewing platform and balcony which isn’t for the faint hearted. But my, the views are stunning.

The buildings down below looked so far way!

It’s only when we were a short distance away and looked back to see where we’d been standing that we realised what we were standing on…. very little! Holy moly I wouldn’t have been so keen to lean on those railings and poke my camera lens through had I seen this first – probably for the best!

Then we headed across the bridge…

… which was thronged with tourists (apparently Easter is a very popular time to visit Ronda)…

…and pootled along the road taking in the beautiful architecture.

I hope I’m not boring you here, but those who are familiar with my blog will know I’m rather partial to old buildings!

Just get a load of these gorgeous old windows and doors with their wonky shapes and well worn appearance. Check out this pair of door knockers!

We ended up in a beautiful square with more than its fair share of churches. It so happened that we arrived dead on midday and all the bells in the various steeples started chiming. Each one was louder than the next as they fought to out do one another! It sent the roosting swifts flying out of the eaves of the old church roofs in panic. It was quite a thing to experience.


It was so pretty – and noisy!


Our return to the bridge and our carpark in the more modern part of Ronda took us up some lovely alleyways. Presuming they were too narrow for traffic, imagine our surprise as we were forced to jump out of the way for a horse and carriage which was coming towards us carrying tourists! I didn’t catch that moment on camera as I was too busy grabbing children and hauling them out of the way!


This building caught my eye, it’s a hotel – isn’t it beautiful?

I had been really looking forward to visiting Ronda again, and it didn’t disappoint. We spent a few hours there wandering about and getting a bite to eat. Ideally it would be a perfect grown-ups only weekend away destination as not only are there many interesting museums to explore, the countless shops we walked past on our way from and back to the car park looked really worth investigating. Little legs were feeling the strain though, so we though it best to make a move back to our home for the Easter holidays before the complaints got out of hand. Perhaps one day…


I would highly recommend a visit – there’s so much to see. My only advice if you aren’t a fan of heights – don’t look down!



27 thoughts on “A day trip to Ronda, Andalusia 

  1. Cracking photos. Years since I’ve been to Ronda. My main vertiginous moments were on the bus ride up there when the bus and huge trucks seemed to meet at all the horrific bends. Ugh.
    We camped down at the bottom of the old town at a site called El Sur I think. Bus station was on the ‘new’ side though. Felt flipping miles away!

    1. It’s a stunning place, I do love it there but I lay awake the night before thinking should we chance taking three boys there? One who’s accident prone and another two who like climbing! I’m pleased to say we arrived back with the full complement of children! I’ve heard about a good camp site up there so might consider it in the warmer weather.

      1. It rains in Ronda. Worse than Scotland 😉
        We took the tent down the morning after and had to pack everything up in the toilets it was chucking it down so heavily. So yeah … not December! There was a flash restaurant on site too, but nothing veggieish so we cooked in. Well, in the toilet block 😀 this was 20 years or so ago though. So don’t take my recommend!

  2. Wow, just wow. The buildings are amazing and your photography is too. I went to Barcelona last year and was blown away by the architecture. So many lovely places to visit on my list. This is another now. Thanks for the tour until I get to go myself K xXx

  3. That was almost as good as being there! I love these precariously placed mountainous villages you find throughout the Mediterranean – I am intrigued by the process of placing the buildings and the stories of how and why that spot was chosen. As a secret romantic I always want to go live in a place like this as I am convinced life would be very different and somehow better! 🙂

    1. I know imagine having to cart all the building materials up there to build them. I guess it gives you a good view of anyone nasty coming your way though!

      I’d love to explore more and discover more of the history there if I get the chance. It does appear a very romantic place I have to agree with you! 🙂

  4. I’d never heard of Ronda – it looks amazing so might have to drop by one of these days. It’s a 12.5 hour drive from here according to Google maps but my sister lives in Southern Spain so you never know, I might combine the two trips.

  5. Definitely my kind of place and will visit given the chance. Your pictures are great and I particularly love that church with the adjacent archways. Reading you continues to be a pleasure 🙂

  6. I’ve not been, but we stay with my Auntie every year in Andalucia so will investigate how far away it is. We hire a car so it would be a great day out, if a little busy with tourists in May/June. Thanks for the heads up!

  7. I really enjoyed reading this and looking at your photos. I felt as though you transported me there. Looks a fascinating and beautiful place.

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