A stroll around Gibraltar No 6: from sea to summit (in the rain!)

  A couple of weeks ago I had a date to climb the Med Steps with a friend. It had been planned for weeks and things had been rearranged to make way for the walk. That morning I awoke to hear the rain lashing against the windows. The steps were out of the question as not only was it wet, it was also quite windy. We rearranged for the following week and that was that. 

After half an hour of stomping around the apartment in a huff (I had been really looking forward to the steps!) I thought – ‘blow it – I can still go out for a walk!’ So I did! I thought I’d see how long it would take me to walk from sea level to the top of the Rock. I walked down to the edge of the sea at Rosia Bay (that’s it in the picture above). 

 It wasn’t completely sea level (about 1 metre above) but it’ll do. Then it was time to set off on my quest, the stop watch was started and I was off. Up out of the bay, and the climb began. 

 Look – you can’t even see the top of the Rock! It’s hidden up in the clouds. By the time I’d reached Jew’s Gate at the entrance to the nature reserve, visibility was a bit limited and it was rather blowy too. I was walking into the wind and even the sweet sound of Duran Duran in my ears wasn’t helping me ignore how difficult it was.  

 The inner dialogue then started “just turn round and go home, have a nice cup of coffee and get the crochet out!” Then I remembered a recent remark from a certain person who shall remain nameless who asked ‘Are you pregnant Mummy? Your tummy’s really fat!’ And that was enough encouragement to keep going! Children say the nicest things don’t they?

 The views weren’t great I have to admit- being up above the clouds rather impedes them! I doubt the Queen would have been impressed surveying this rocky part of her kingdom had her visit been on a day like this! A couple of tour buses  and taxis passed me on my travels but no other loonies on foot – just me. It’s such a shame when people visit the Rock on wet misty days. They thankfully aren’t too common but it must be frustrating to get to the top of the Rock for a great view and just see cloud. 

 Even the apes weren’t impressed with the damp! But even though it was wet and grey, it was still beautiful as the silhouettes of the trees loomed out of the mist. 

 You can still find beauty even on the gloomiest of days. I was rather taken by this little flight of stairs, I think it would make a nice painting…

 Anyway, eventually I got to the top! Ta dah! 

 This is the top of the Med Steps, not looking too appealing on this occasion. I was being really buffeted by the wind blowing at me from both directions. We had indeed made the right choice not to do the steps it would have been dangerous with the gusty wind and wet stones underfoot.  And the time it took me? 46 mins 25 seconds. It was a lot quicker than I expected, I guess the psychological effect of walking from bottom to top makes you think it’s a lot further than it is. 

On my way back down, the cloud began to lift and I caught a brief glimpse of where I’d started. That’s Rosia Bay with the hook shaped jetty curving out to sea.  

 The hot shower and cup of tea was very welcome when I got home! 

Thanks for stopping by 🙂

3 thoughts on “A stroll around Gibraltar No 6: from sea to summit (in the rain!)

    1. Hehe I know they’re just adorable aren’t they?! I just wanted those of you in more northern climes know that we can get grim weather too. We’re not wall to wall sunshine here! 😉 I’m glad you enjoyed the walk – I did! 🙂


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