Not much strolling getting done this week

  Illness has struck the Postcard household this week so therefore there won’t be a Stroll around Gibraltar until next week. I have been housebound with two small patients who’ve been rather under the weather. I have gone a bit stir crazy at times but it’s not been all bad, I managed a bit of crochet in the sunshine between Calpol administration and cuddles. 
At the weekend, I read an intriguing review of the book Castles in the Air by Alison Ripley Cubitt on the  Rough Seas in the Med blog. As I was stuck on the sofa trapped under fever-stricken children I decided to give it a go and downloaded it to my device. It was an excellent read, I managed to finish it in 24 hours which those in my book group will know is pretty rare for me these days. If you’re interested in reading an account of expat family life (far more glamorous and exciting than mine I hasten to add) I would highly recommend it.   

  I escaped the apartment this evening for a short walk (my sanity depended on it), I walked along to Rosia Bay where Nelson’s ship HMS Victory was brought after the Battle of Trafalgar. There were no big sailing ships there tonight but a few big tankers were bunkering in the bay (the floodlights belong to one of them). The lights in the distance are the Spanish port of Algeciras. Oh, and I found some more steps…. 


13 thoughts on “Not much strolling getting done this week

    1. Thanks, I’m feeling very guilty. There’s a lot of biscuit eating and not much exercise going on round here at the moment!

      Hmm, Rosia definitely needs something doing but not convinced with the plans either. It’s a lovely spot but the concrete jetty isn’t the most attractive feature. It’s such a bottleneck already without adding to the traffic down there…


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