Sunday Sevens #11 27.12.15

School Christmas Mass As Gibraltar is a predominantly Roman Catholic place, the schools are attached to churches and at the end of each term a Mass is held. At the start of the week my two youngest went to the Cathedral of St Mary the Crowned on Main Street for their annual Christmas Mass. It was lovely with the Year 2s acting out the Nativity with skipping shepherds, dancing angels and a miraculous baby doll in a wooden orange crate. The church was filled with the entire school and many parents and grandparents watching the proceedings along with one or two slightly bemused tourists who just wanted to come and look inside the church and got more than they bargained for!

Once I pop I just can’t stop! A DVD and a bowl of popcorn was just the bribery I needed to buy me enough time to get some secret wrapping done whilst locked in the bathroom! I used the excuse that I was cleaning it – thankfully they fell for it. When I was finished I came out and hoovered up what was left of the popcorn – I’m terrible when I start, I can’t stop. It’s just so moreish – I have to have the popcorn box taken off me at the cinema or it’s all gone by the end of the adverts and trailers!

Christmas Eve sunshine  On Christmas Eve we were treated to the most glorious weather. I resisted all temptations to put a few loads of washing in (I still have the English mentality of making the most of the sun even after 6+ years!) and did the necessary Christmas Eve jobs instead. We met Mr Postcard for a lovely lunch out and sat in the sunshine for a few moments before having an unexpected nap – must be my age 😉 or maybe the pint of San Miguel at lunchtime…

Christmas Day sunset 

At the end of a rather cloudy but really mild Christmas Day we were treated to a sliver of a sunset. What a calm serene view after all the chaos and build up to Christmas!

Goodbye Downton … sniff!  I shall not give away any spoilers for anyone yet to see the climax of the Downton Abbey story and therefore this photo doesn’t feature the latest episode  (mainly because I was too engrossed wanting to absorb every last bit of the final installment). It does however feature a very important part of my Downton experience, my  Attic 24 cosy stripe blanket . As I sat down on Christmas Day evening with a glass of wine to watch the show I realised there was something missing – crochet! For the past three years that I have watched the show (I came to it late), I have always had a crochet hook in my hand at the same time. First there was my Attic 24 granny stripe blanket (see a tiny bit of it in the photo below) and then my current cosy stripe. I only managed one stripe this time as my concentration was taken by the tv but it was fittingly the shade of Claret which was drunk by the cast in one of their dinner scenes! Oh how I’ll miss the show, it was truly fantastic.

It wasn’t me! I left the wool and scissors for 10 minutes to hang some washing out on Boxing Day (I couldn’t ignore the laundry basket any longer)… All three were within a metre of it. Apparently it could have been a ghost or a vampire who did it. No one saw anything hmmmm….

Boxing Day crochet  I may have failed to complete this WIP blanket in time for Christmas but I’m turning that negative into a positive – I’m now well ahead of schedule on this birthday gift!

I do hope that your Christmas has been happy, thank you for stopping by and for all the likes and comments – they are very much appreciated! 

Sunday Sevens is a weekly blog series linking up with Natalie from Threads & Bobbins.

6 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens #11 27.12.15

  1. I would put all of them on bread and water for the yarn crime! I was in tears several times in Downton Abbey. I honoured the last episode by not knitting or anything, just watching. It’s the music that makes it for me, the opening bars have me tingling with delicious anticipation. It will be sorely missed.

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    1. Haha I was tempted believe me! Thank goodness it was just squares I was on and not in the middle of a long stripe! I tried just watching but it didn’t feel right! It will indeed be sorely missed, a brilliant drama with such great stories and characters Julian Fellowes is a very clever man.


  2. Thanks for not spoiling the final Downton – I hope to catch up with it soon. Love that you are still plying that crochet hook – I put mine down with the completion of the final Christmas gift and haven’t picked it up again – yet……

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I shall miss Downton but am very pleased that all ended well with a very satisfying, if predictable, happy ending! You’re lucky it wasn’t the squares that were cut up, just the yarn. Naughty ghost…..

    Liked by 1 person

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