An outdoorsy sort of day

Hello! I hope this finds you well and happy. We’ve been treated to a beautiful day today, the weather has really made a huge improvement after a stormy start to the week. So far this midterm holiday has meant for us (well me) quite a lot of sleeping, in a big comfy bed without the sound of traffic (specifically scooters/mopeds) buzzing past the window, reading, crocheting, eating nice food, 5 exercise classes (I’ve not been totally lazy) and generally not moving very far. Today though, we decided to change our routine slightly and managed to leave the apartment by 10am and headed off up the A7 to Fuengirola to visit the BioParc Zoo.

Our first and only previous visit to the zoo was about 5 years ago, back in the days when we were still a family of 4. It’s an unusual sort of a place, like a verdant oasis in the centre of a busy town. It has a relatively small footprint for what it manages to pack in, and although I’m not a huge fan of keeping animals in captivity, the organization does at least appear to look after the inmates well. 

We were amongst the first to arrive at our destination which meant we almost had the place to ourselves to start with. 

Apparently these birds look a lot like me?! I’ve been told my hair stands up like their feathers when I’m cross. 

I also bear a passing resemblance to this orangutan according to certain family members….  

Gee, thanks boys. 

The zoo has an erm ‘interesting’ history, it was once the site of a very poorly run establishment which kept it’s animals in small and cruel conditions. The BioParc now prides itself on being a much healthier place for the animals to live and teaching the public about preservation.

The highlight of the trip for all of us was seeing the gorilla. My, he was big, and he was sitting, almost waiting for for his visitors right by the window of his enclosure. He must have known we were there but he appeared to take great pleasure in not acknowledging our presence. 


Second favourite was probably the crocodiles, although one member of the family was convinced they weren’t real as they were as still as statues!

The trip was a really nice morning’s entertainment for us all, not too big but large enough to keep the boys engaged for a few hours. And I just loved the grounds, they are so lush and green!

After the zoo, it was high time to return to our holiday apartment, regroup and have lunch.  By the time all were fed and watered and number one son had completed his English Comprehension homework it was late afternoon, high time for a stroll along the beach…

So off we headed, with the plan of walking for one hour in one direction and then turning around and walking back for a hour…


Coooo-eeee, Gibraltar, we can seeeee youuuu!!!

Ahhhh, sunset!

I shall not tell you about the copious sibling arguments which erupted along our walk, nor shall I point out the fact that it took us 2 hours to cover the distance ‘normal folk’ without small people would cover in approximately a quarter of the time. I’ll just leave you with those idyllic images of a family stroll…  😉 


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