Hello from Gibraltar…


After months of procrastinating I’ve finally done it – I’m dipping my toe into the sea of blogging! I’m a Mum of three and live with my family on the (usually) sunny rock of Gibraltar. In my spare time I love crafts, painting, gardening and the great outdoors. We moved here a few years ago and we are now lucky enough to have a small patio which I adore. We left a well-loved back garden behind in England when we came over and found the transition to apartment life challenging. After several years of having to content ourselves with a few pots on a baking hot balcony, we now have an equally hot patio. It’s not as green as England, but we’re working on it. Here’s a few photos I took earlier this week, it’s looking rather floriferous between the toys and washing! 

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my first blog post. That’s all for now, hasta pronto!

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