Sunday Sevens #158 14.10.18

Hello and welcome to this week’s Sunday Sevens. We have had some rather windy and wet weather today, although nothing compared to what many people elsewhere have suffered this week. Hurricane Leslie was on a direct collision course with Gibraltar a couple of days ago, but luckily for us (but not for Lisbonites) it took a detour and hit land near Lisbon in Portugal.

As always I’m linking with Natalie from Threads and Bobbins for this weekly blog series. Here’s what’s been going on in my world this week….

Med Steps on a Monday

It was pretty murky on Monday morning when I took a trip up the Med Steps. There were loads of apes about again. This little family group made me smile – there seem to be quite a few babies around at the minute.

Sandy Bay blanket

My Sandy Bay blanket post last week got some truly lovely comments. Thank you to everyone who took the time to read and comment on the blog, Instagram, Twitter or Facebook, you made my day :-).

Pretty flowers

Before my parents left last weekend, my Mum bought me some lovely roses. This one, with the dark pink edges to its petals was my absolute favourite – it’s so pretty.

Watercolour class

The Busy Lizzie’s are finished. My next project is a little landscape…

A visitor

On Thursday evening Mr Postcard got the shock of his life when, as he was sitting by the open window, a mantis flew in and landed on him! It then moved to the curtains! It’s only the second time in almost 10 years that I’ve seen one up close like this – the last one (which was rather aged and brown coloured) landed on our washing line and stayed there for a few days before it died.

This one was caught and put back outside!

On top of the Rock

It was a stunning morning on Friday when I did the Med Steps, not a cloud in the sky, just vapour trails. It was really rather hot though due to the lack of cloud cover!!

Beautiful Marbella

Yesterday we took a trip along the coast to Marbella for lunch and a wander. It was a beautiful day, we ate tapas in a chiringuito on the beach and meandered through the old town. I stumbled upon this shop…

I wish I’d seen it before my ‘purple’ photo challenge entry last week!!

Thanks for stopping by, Sunday Sevens should be back again next week… I wonder what this week will have in store for us? 🙂

Postcard from Gibraltar Friday Photo Challenge (Week 41) Nocturnal

This week’s photo challenge theme is ‘nocturnal’ and here’s one of our little nighttime visitors. These geckos crawl around on our frosted glass windows on summer nights waiting to pounce on any moths which may pass by. It’s like watching a nature documentary unfolding on our kitchen and bathroom windows some nights, and rather gruesome at times.

We do have bats too, but they wouldn’t oblige and stay still long enough for me to photograph them!

Next week’s theme is: curve.

A Sandy Bay Blanket story

Way back in January, when I already had several different crochet projects on the go, I spotted that one of my favourite bloggers was starting a new CAL (Crochet-Along). That blogger was Eleonora at Coastal Crochet. In my experience up to this point CALs usually involve purchasing a wool pack to accompany the project (which is absolutely fine) but the thing that made me want to join was that this was completely open to interpretation. You could use any coloured yarn from your stash, which meant I could start right away! So I did.

Another great attraction for me was that Eleonora released the pattern for just a couple of rows twice a week, so it was really easy to keep up with, and if I fell a few weeks behind, I soon caught up! At no point did I feel overwhelmed.

I decided early on that as the name was ‘seaside’ related it had to have marine inspired colours to begin with;

But I also wanted it somehow to have a connection to Gibraltar. But how? The western side of the Rock is its best known angle but that’s a bit complicated, so I opted for the eastern side. But Catalan Bay has so many colours that I couldn’t envisage how to include them all.

Then it hit me, Sandy Bay! It has one long developement across the whole of the Bay, with white apartments, terracotta roofing and yellow sun canopies!

The blanket became my companion and came away with us on holiday…

I soon found myself chosing colours to reflect the surroundings in Sandy Bay; beach umbrellas and paddle boards, the houses and the spring flowers growing on the Rock behind.

Above the houses are the old water catchments, which in spring are green and covered with wild flowers…

I chose yarn colours to reflect the yellow and pink flowers, then the greys and dark greens of the rocky face and shrubs above.

Last of all, it was time for the sky, and well, Gibraltar can often be found wearing its cloudy Levanter hat, so that had to feature too!

Before I knew it, I was completing the last few rows and it was almost time for the border. But first, there was the messy/boring job of weaving in all my endy bits… this was about a third of them!!

Then time for the border…

So, are you ready for the big reveal?

Can you see it? That’s my Dad humouring my silliness and holding it up for me on Sandy Bay beach!

Thanks Dad!

For the border I used grey (for the Rock), dark green for the shrubs on the Rock and blue with white wiggles which could represent the cloudy sky or the waves.

I’m really happy with it now it’s all finished and a bit sorry this lovely project has come to an end. A lovely community of crocheters from around the globe came together on Instagram and in Blogland, all united by this project – thank you Eleonora for taking us all along for the Seaside Stashbusting Blanket ride!

Sunday Sevens #157 7.10.18

Sunday again… here’s this week’s Sunday Sevens:

By the waterside

Last Sunday afternoon I found myself down by the water at Camp Bay. It was lovely to be able to take a few moments to listen to the lapping of the waves and look up at the huge boats. I noticed just in front of me was a huge shoal of fish swimming round and round in circles and coming up for air. They looked like mini sharks!

The last September sunset of 2018

A third photo here from last Sunday, but it was a beauty so I had to share it!

Med steps on a Monday

What better way to start the week than with a yomp up the Med Steps. I wasn’t as quick as I was last time, I didn’t manage to get up there at all the week before and I was a bit out of breath! I also had an encounter with an ape who didn’t seem to want to let me past! I gave it a bit of a talking to and after a few moments, I felt brave enough to go past it…

Dressmaking class

Tuesday saw me back at my Dressmaking class and for this first time this academic year, after weeks of pattern drawing, I was able to actually do some sewing! I have to make a toile first before setting about making my jacket for real.

Watercolour class

I had been trying to paint a picture of stormy seas off Europa Point at my watercolour class but that was proving rather difficult. I decided to make a change and opted for some busy Lizzies instead.

Last rays of sunshine

I was passing Europa Point on Friday evening as the last rays of sunshine were shining. I just had to stop the car and take a photo.

Street art

I featured this art work as it was being painted a few weeks ago and promised I’d show you again once it was finished. It was painted by a local artist Gerry Martinez and is much needed boost to this rather unloved underpass. It’s a great addition to Gibraltar.


Here are a few highlights from last month…

As always I’m linking with Natalie from Threads and Bobbins for this weekly blog series.

Thanks for stopping by!

Friday photo challenge (week 40) Purple & a super-duper summer round-up!

This week’s photo challenge theme is ‘purple’, I spied this autumn crocus on my Monday morning walk up the Rock. But how about some purple stalactites? You can find them in St Michael’s Cave…

I spotted this purple Bee in Manchester, you can read all about the Bees here.

I just love a hydrangea…

And a little purple plant I painted at watercolour class…

So that’s this week’s photo challenge entry done, now to take a look back at what everyone else has been up to over the summer:

As things got a bit hectic at times during the summer I didn’t manage to do a monthly round-up, so here’s a mega round-up of some of the entries to the weekly Postcard from Gibraltar Friday photo challenge (the photos are from Instagram and were taken by other people taking part in the Postcard from Gibraltar Friday photo challenge), thank you to everyone who’s taken part!

Week 27 : Golden

A golden sunrise (above) and 4th July fireworks (below)

Margaret at The Crafty Creek joined in with this one, she included a golden retriever and some stunning shots of golden roses in her entry.

Week 28 : Favourite

Animals are always popular!

…. but if you fancy an adorable tale about a precious favourite toy, hop on over to Wild Daffodil.

Margaret has a lovely selection of favourites in her entry over on The Crafty Creek.

Week 29 : Button

Aren’t these button pictures cute? Sandra at Wild Daffodil made some beautiful crocheted buttons…

Week 30 : Seaside

Seagulls always bring the seaside to mind…

As does a funfair!

Sandra at Wild Daffodil shared a fabulous pebbly picture and poem for the seaside theme this week!

Week 31 : Garden

Our beautiful Alameda Botanical Gardens featured this week as well as the garden at Kensington Palace.

A lovely walled garden in West Wales features in Sandra’s post on her Wild Daffodil blog.

Week 32 : Steps

From Kuala Lumpur to Upper Town in Gibraltar….

….to paddy fields in Bali with The Crafty Creek!

Week 33 : Reflective

Isn’t this quilt stunning?! And that sky…

Over on her Wild Daffodil blog, Sandra featured the most stunning baptismal font for her entry for ‘reflective’.

Some gorgeous reflections feature in Margaret’s Crafty Creek post.

Week 34 : Stitch

This marvelous cross-stitched wolf has his eye on you…

Margaret’s beautiful silk ribbon embroidery is just breathtaking in her Crafty Creek entry for stitch

Sandra at Wild Daffodil has been creating things since she was a child, and judging by her Instagram account she is a prolific crocheter, here is her ‘stitch’ entry.

Week 35 : Viewpoint

Randall made me giggle with this one…

…read the comment.

And it was a scenic rather than moral viewpoint which Margaret at The Crafty Creek opted for for her entry.

Week 36 : Waterways

The Crafty Creek waterways entry features some beautiful waterways too…

Week 37 : Pride

Different definitions of ‘pride’ featured…

Week 38 : Autumn

Margaret at The Crafty Creek has some stunning autumn colours in her blog post!

Week 39 : Delicate

Sandra at Wild Daffodil featured a beautifully delicate dahlia in her post.

Margaret at Crafty Creek had some incredibly delicate creations…

Thank you all for taking part in the photo challenge this summer!

Next week’s theme is ‘nocturnal’.

My day at MTV Presents Gibraltar Calling 2018

For weeks we had been watching the preparations get underway at the Victoria Stadium, the stage had grown, the lights had gone up and on occasion we’d had a blast of a sound check as we passed by. A couple of weekends ago, MTV Presents Gibraltar Calling arrived. This year’s festival was spread over two days but unlike in previous years, it ran over Friday and Saturday rather that Saturday and Sunday. Unfortunately, I had a previous engagement on the Friday so I only made it to one day this year. Here’s what we got up to…

It was a rather cloudy and overcast start to the day’s entertainment as we arrived. We took a walk around before it got too busy and while there was still time to move! It wasn’t as quiet as this a few hours later…

There were two stages this year (there have been more on previous occasions) the classic stage (above) which on Friday night enjoyed performances by Sister Sledge among other acts and the Main Stage (below) which hosted bands including Texas and the Two Door Cinema Club.

You have to agree that the Rock is a pretty stunning backdrop for any occasion. The Victoria Stadium is the venue for so many community events here in Gibraltar, from the Gibraltar Football Association’s home games (after several years of having to play in Faro in Portugal) to School Sports days, and charity 24 hour sponsored walks to classical concerts.


We set up camp to the side of the pitch and soon found ourselves surrounded by friends we knew through the Little Postcards schools. The joy of this being a family themed event (tickets for under 12s are free with proof you are local resident) means that you are bound to bump into many other families you know.

Our position also gave us a great view of the camera on the long boom arm (if that’s the correct terminology). When acts were on we were less keen on, we could watch the operator and see his camera feed on the little monitor. It was rather interesting!

By the time Scouting for girls appeared on the Main stage, the crowds had grown considerably. They visited the festival 4 years ago, and delighted the fans with another great show.

The local band taxi was the highest Gibraltar band on the bill on the main stage and treated the audience to a ticker tape explosions the end of their set.

Rag ‘n’ Bone Man

Next up was the first of the big International acts…. Rag ‘n’ Bone Man. The Little Postcards had gone home by this point, leaving me free to wander around at will.

I have to admit to not being a huge fan of his before the show, but he was amazing. His voice sounded effortless despite this being the final gig in a long tour schedule, he was warm and friendly with the crowd and seemed like a genuinely nice guy.

He spent a few days in Gib ahead of his performance and won over the local community, dining out in local restaurants and posing for photos. He seems like a really nice chap, and he has an amazing voice.

It was around this time I popped over to the Classic Stage to see a bit of The Boomtown Rats… I was just in time to hear ‘I don’t like Mondays’. Perfect timing really as I think it’s the only song of theirs I know!

Boomtown Rats

Next up, Rita Ora…

Another act to return to the Rock this year, Rita really brought the house down, playing tracks from her soon to be released new album, as well as chart favourites which had the crowd singing along to a poignant tribute to the late Avicii. She came across as being very happy to be back in Gibraltar again and also sang her new single live for the first time.

Then came Stormzy…

… he arrived on stage at about midnight. It was very loud, very shouty and I’m afraid not my thing so I headed off home after a couple of tracks.

We had mixed feelings ahead of the Festival this year, there was no one we particularly wanted to see. The big names weren’t our favourites but I guess you can’t have Duran Duran, Bananarama and Kaiser Chiefs every year! The whole rearrangement of the days from Saturday and Sunday to Friday and Saturday meant that many people, me included, were only able to make it to one of the days. Hopefully this will change next year.

Over all though, it was a great day out for the family, and it was great to be able to attend such a big professional show just moments from our home.

Until next year, farewell MTV!